Document generation tool doxygen+ image generation tool Graphviz

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Document generation tool doxygen+ image generation tool Graphviz

Although the JDK's own Javadoc also works well, using the Doxygen+graphviz combination can generate many powerful graphs (class diagrams, collaboration diagrams, file inclusions/included graphs, function calls/called graphs, class inheritance system diagrams, etc.), and Doxygen supports the direct generation of CHM documents, supports latex formulas, and if you have a PHP-enabled server, the generated HTML can also be added to a search box.

Doxygen is an open source C language software that can be downloaded to software and source code on its official website:

Use it's doxywizard is very convenient ^ ^ specific usage I wrote in the attached document (although the note is in C + +, Doxygen can use the default Javadoc comment, you only need to change the setting to output for Java).
It can also customize the css/head/foot, because for internal communication so there is no setting, can be modified in the Export HTML tab, the legend of the MySQL document is Doxygen generated ...

Doxygen has built-in the ability to generate class diagrams, and only needs to set diagram items.
To generate more diagrams, download the Graphviz.
It is a powerful software that can generate many kinds of images, as well as open Source:
It also provides Java support, with a purely Java-written subproject Grappa. As described above, it seems that Java programs can implement Graphviz functions (Grappa calls Graphviz interfaces) through the Grappa library.

Everyone is interested can try it quite fun to say ^ ^
The attachment is an introduction to Doxygen use. docx, which contains the simple instructions that I have played doxywizard these days.
And a CHM file generated using Doxywizard, only the class diagram, file inclusion graph, and class inheritance system diagram are used.

"Doxygen use profile. docx" "Dbop.chm"

Generate Diagram Demo:

    • Class diagram
    • Collaboration diagram
    • File contains diagram
    • Function call graph
    • Class inheritance system diagram
    • Http://

Document generation tool doxygen+ image generation tool Graphviz

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