Document Master 2016: File management software to quickly find documents in the computer and mind

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Document Master, formerly known as pin-PKM management software for humanities files

Search FAST! Say goodbye to the hassle of often finding documents!

1. Support File name Edge input Edge Instant display results, support full-text search, Tag search, Memo search and other search functions.

(The filename is the title can be changed when the file is opened, it is very advantageous to the file name is the title at any time to optimize)

2. Support Forgetting curve Review, set learning KPI and other functions, help the knowledge to the mind, to find the fastest file.

1. Download Now: Http:// can be installed directly
2. Download Now: Http:// need to be unpacked after installation
3, Baidu Network disk: Http://
4, 360 software Manager:

Main Technical Index:

number of supported documents:>3 documents, types include: Word, PDF, PPT, picture, installation files, compressed files, etc.

Search Support: file name Instant Search, word\pdf and other documents content of the full text fast Search

Classification methods: Categories, labels, multiple document associations, formulas, etc.

can run on: Windows platforms such as XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, win2003/2008/2012, etc.

Specific application areas:
Large number of file management software
Word Document Data Management system
Personal knowledge management software

Document Master 2016: File management software to quickly find documents in the computer and mind

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