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A few days ago, a friend spent 2300 yuan to purchase a purple clay pot. Although the author rozenan (Assistant craftsman) is not everyone, he is still quite good at assistant craftsman, there are several famous works (I heard that Sun Tzu's Art of War and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms won the grand prize ). He is said to have made 28 sets of shunzhu (the output is high enough, if there are 8 sets of value to favorites), this is one of them.


Now that you have purchased it, you can only use it as a good thing. I checked through the Internet and found that opening a pot is very important. Here I will record the whole process of opening a pot.



0. come first. This is not before the pot is opened. In fact, it has been wiped clean, and it looks dark.




Opening pot officially started:

1. warm-up: first, wash the just-purchased zisha teapot with boiling water inside and outside, remove the surface dust, then put the teapot into a pot without oil stains, add three times the height of boiling for two hours, in this way, the clay flavor and fire of the teapot will be removed.

2. Fire reduction: Put the tofu in the teapot And put it twice as boiled for 1 hour. The gypsum contained in the tofu has the efficacy of fire reduction, and can decompose the residual substances in the teapot.

3. moisturizing: Cut the cane and put it in a pot. Then, cook for another hour. The natural sugar of cane makes the teapot moisturized as never before.

4. Rebirth: The last step is to select your favorite tea and put it in the teapot for one hour. In this way, the teapot will no longer be a "lifeless" thing. After the reincarnation, it will absorb the essence of tea. The first tea can make the teeth of the tea teeth fragrant.


1. Open the pot now. First wash the pot with cloth and warm water, and remove the floating ash above.


2,Warm up, put in the water (a pot of water to the end of the teapot), slowly boil. Let it boil in boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes (there is also a complimentary zisha Cup in it, put it in one)





3. Reduce the fire, pull the pot out of boiling water, and put it on one side for cooling. When there is no heat, fill in the tofu. We 'd better TEAB the old Northern tofu.Fill in, a little tight, so as to avoid boiling water, all the tofu ran out of the pot. Place the pot with tofu in the water (in cold water) and boil it slowly. After boiling, heat it to the kitchen for 5 to 10 minutes ~ The purpose of this step: because of the relationship between the kiln fever, some people think that the pot is very "fire", before normal use, it should be set to fire down ~ Qingxin/
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4. After cooking, take out the tofu and wash the pot with hot water. Look at the meide's tofu banquet, but the tofu cannot be eaten.



5. Moisturize and use sugar cane heads and pots for cooking. No sugar cane is sold in summer. This step is saved. It is said that the natural sugar juice of sugar cane can nourish the pot.


6. reborn. The last step is super important to take out your best tea. Don't worry about it. Put it in a piece for cooking.If this pot is used for tea in the future, use pu'er. If it is used for green tea or Tieguanyin in the future, use Tieguanyin to add the pot to the cold water and boil the pot and tea together, after boiling it, let the kitchen be filled with aroma after 10 minutes or longer, will pick up, put aside, the tea in the pot to pull out, use this tea to slightly rub the pot body and lid for several minutes. Finally, wash the pot with warm water ~~~~ $
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The purpose of this step is to determine the taste. Therefore, we recommend that you use your best tea, which type of tea is recommended, and what kind of tea teabb will be used in the future.


I use Tieguanyin, and I like its fragrance.



Continue cooking. The house is fragrant.


6. You have done it. Remember to use tea to rub the teapot. The effect will be better. In addition, the color will change significantly, and the change is very large.






There is also a simple method for opening a pot on the Internet:

Separate the pot body from the pot lid, place it in the pot, boil to boiling, place the tea, warm for a period of time, naturally dry.

This method should be suitable for non-heavy clay pots for brewing Tieguanyin and other teas. Easy to use.



In the future, brokers will drink tea every night.



Happy on May 6,. I received a mobile phone report saying that the teapot was fake in the past two days. My buddy quickly found an article to see if there is any way to identify it. Drinking tea in a chemical pot is not a joke. I searched the internet. There are two methods.


How to identify the teapot: You can pour water on the pot and observe it carefully. The high quality sand is made into the teapot. Because of its good air permeability, the water on the pot will slowly evaporate until it is absorbed by the pot itself; once the fake pot is watered, the water will roll down in a beaded shape and quickly disappear. Once injected with boiling water, a dry high quality teapot will make a sound of "yellow. Another method is to pour a pot of boiling water, then pour the water out, and smell whether there is any soil smell in the pot. If there is no soil smell but there is another pungent smell, then it can be determined that it is a chemical pot.


Go back and try again. Haha, it turns out that it is really a good pot, and the water beads will be adsorbed on the arm of the pot. After boiling water is burned, I asked about a kind of tea. (The soil didn't smell it. I guess it was good for me. Haha ), it seems that this item is not cheap, and you have to pay for it.



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