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    • 1. Installation Steps
1. Installation Step 1.1. Select the temporary decompression path

Open the X: \ Altera software 10.0 Part A \ _ 20.10.0 SOFTWARE \ folder (X indicates the drive letter of the used DVD ). Double-click the 10.0_quartus_windows.exe file. Select the temporary decompression path. Select C:/temp as the example.


Click Install. Wait for a moment. The waiting time depends on the machine configuration. After decompression, the installation screen is displayed.

1.2. Installation


Click Next.


Select; click Next.


Select the installation path. Here, c: \ Altera \ 10.0 is used as an example.


For FPGA developers of Amy electronics, you only need to check the Cyclone II, cyclone III, and Max II devices. Other devices do not need to be checked.

Click Next twice to install Quartus II 10.0.

2. Crack 2.1. Install the crack patch


Solemnly declare: this cracking patch is distributed by Junlong on the Internet. This part is used for demonstration only. Any dispute arising from it and joint liability are irrelevant to Amy electronics.


Open X: \ Altera software 10.0 Part A \ _ 2 _ Installation Guide \ Junlong company-crack patch \ release. This example uses the quartus_ii_10.0_x86interpreter (inner version .exe.


Click application.


Click Yes.


Find the installation path c: \ Altera \ 10.0 \ Quartus \ bin, and click open.


Select the appropriate path to save the generated license. dat.

2.2. Adjust license. dat


Open the Quartus II 10.0 software. Open the tools -- license setup tag. In license file:, select the path of the license. dat file and copy the network interface card (NIC) ID.


Use Notepad and other software to open the C:/Altera/10.0/license. dat file. Replace the copied Nic ID with xxxxxxxxxxxx and save it.


Re-open the tools -- license setup tag to view the license information. It shows that the Quartus II software is ready for use. If you need more functions, please search for the license file on your own.


Software Download: ftp://ftp.altera.com/outgoing/release/attachment download

Junlong technology Quartus 6.0 ~ 10.0 SP1 cracking patch


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