Documenting the process of handling weblogic failures

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<span id="Label3"></p><p><p>User complaints in the afternoon, Web System Landing report 500 error:</p></p><p><p>650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 1.jpg " Alt= "wkiol1dqriah2ctgaaeby9okiom535.jpg"/> is also a null pointer exception, in view of the first page picture can be formally opened, the preliminary judgement WebLogic fault, continue to Judge WebLogic Front port start but internal controller, etc. did not start. Restart WebLogic look at the log,</p></p><p><p>Error:</p></p><p><p>650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" b.jpg " alt= "wkiol1dqr3ajmgh2aaeunup3zeu198.jpg"/></p></p><p><p><br></p></p><p><p>Mainly look at the error and critical log, on the log: could not obtain a exclusive lock to the embedded LDAP data file directory; Ensure the first Weblogic server is completely shutdown and restart the Server.</p></p><p><p>From then on to determine the reason: WebLogic at startup will read Myserver\ldap the following information, and then the LDAP file for the shackles (exclusive lock), This is because the pre-weblogic exception has not completely ended, resulting in this restart also detects that the LDAP file is locked, So there is no way to start, the solution: find the directory, the Lok suffix file renamed To. bak, of course, will remind the process in use, find this process forced stop after renaming. Then restart, problem Solved.<br></p></p><p><p>650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" c.jpg " alt= "wkiol1dqssmrv8q4aac1jmwqa54579.jpg"/></p></p><p><p><br></p></p><p><p>Documenting the process of handling weblogic failures</p></p></span>

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