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The browser family is getting bigger and bigger, and the selection is getting harder and harder. Firefox is great and Apple's Safari is also very good, but people are impressed with safari.
It seems that extension is not supported. This is wrong, although its extension is far less extensive than Firefox. This article introduces 20 outstanding Safari
Plug-in, which is a very practical tool for Apple users.

You must note that the safari plug-in is managed through a tool called simbl (download). After simbl is installed, you only need to put your plug-in"~ /Library/Application Support/simbl/plugins /"Directory. Of course, you need to carefully read the Installation Guide for each plug-in. This does not seem as convenient as Firefox.

1. xmarks

Firefox has a popular plug-in named Foxmarks, and later renamed it xmarks. This name change implies that it will support more browsers. The same is true. xmarks now supports IE and safari. Xmarks can share favorites among multiple computers or view favorites online. Plugin website.

2. pith helmet

Pithhelmet is a blocking tool that can block Flash animation, Shockwave programs, and a variety of annoying MIDI background music. Currently, Safari 4 beta is not supported. Plugin website.

3. delicioussafari

Del. icio. us allows you to store and share bookmarks online. delicioussafari is fully compatible with Del. icio. us services and allows you to submit bookmarks directly in your browser. Plugin website.

4. Safari tidy

This is a good tool that allows you to verify the code. A small icon is displayed on the status bar and it tells you how many errors and warnings are found on the current page. When you use safari to view the source code of a webpage, all errors and warnings are marked. A summary is displayed. Plugin website.

5. safarisource

The default source code viewer of Safari is unsatisfactory. This plug-in adds the syntax brightening function. You can configure the color and Font by yourself. Plugin website.

6. Using istand

Safaristand will display a thumbnail and bookmarks next to your web page. You can save your browsing session here and click a button to return the current
Session. Other functions include site changes (changing the smallest font, or applying your own CSS style table). You can also browse the site's JavaScript, CSS,
Cookies and other resources.


SAFT is like a Swiss Army knife, which has many functions (complete list ). Important functions include ad blocking, opening a new window on the tab, blocking animations, and regretting the closure of tabs. Plugin website.

8. cooliris

Cooliris is a plug-in for viewing images and videos in gallery mode. It can be used to view images in Google image search, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. It will display all the pictures and videos on the current page to a TV wall-like interface, providing a good browsing experience. Plugin website.

9. Inquisitor

Inquisitor can be used to enhance Google
Search bar. When you enter the search content, the search results are displayed in a small window below. The results and search suggestions are listed. This is a high-quality plug-in that has recently been used by Yahoo
The acquisition now supports IE and Firefox. However, the result of Yahoo's acquisition is that its default search engine has been transferred from Google to Yahoo. Plugin website.

10. safari140

If you find something fun to share on Twitter on the Internet, safari140 will make things easier. You can directly write Twitter messages in this tool, or even automatically Insert the current URL and change the service address to a short URL. Plugin website.

11. 1 Password

1 password is not only a plug-in, but also a complete password management service. The benefit of this service is that you can use it to generate a very strong password and make it automatically filled in for you (meaning you cannot remember your password ). This tool costs US $39.95. Plugin website.

12. tabexposé

OS X has an excellent window manager, exposé. Click the mouse to view the preview of all the windows currently opened. The tabexposé plug-in has done almost the same thing, but in Safari, some of the tag windows have been removed. Plugin website.

13. greasekit

Greasemonkey allows Firefox senior users to easily modify the websites they visit. Greasekit tries to implement the same functionality in Safari and other WebKit-based programs. Plugin website.

14. initialize istretch

The biggest difference between Windows and Mac OS X in window management is that the former maximizes to full screen, while the latter maximizes to be consistent with the content in. Safaristretch enables you to maximize full screen in Safari like windows. Plugin website.

15. glims

Glims and SAFT are similar. They both provide up to countless functions for safari. The complete list of functions can be seen in glims website. Important features include thumbnail preview, full-screen browsing, display of favorites icon on the tab, and automatically close the download window in Google and Yahoo search results. Plugin website.

16. cosmopod

Cosmopod can automatically download and convert flash, DivX, WMV, and real video to your Mac, iPod/iPhone, and AppleTV. It supports most websites and automatically detects the videos that can be converted. The license fee is USD 10. Plugin website.

17. cutx

Cutx allows you to create a filter. Blocks some sites. It can prevent your child from accessing sites that are not supposed to be used, or those sites that are not related to work in the Office (but compared to our great wall, it is just like a dog ). Plugin website.

18. downloadcomment

Downloadcomment can add a URL tag to the file you downloaded (OS X provides a note attribute for each file) so that you can know where each file is downloaded. Plugin website.

19. Maid


Similar to delicioussafari, but receivilicious is an independent program that can output bookmarks in your safariDel. icio. us.Safarilicious can also generate the Del. icio. us tag based on the structure of your bookmarks. You can also select to output only the bookmarks under the specified directory. Plugin website.

20. Safari microformats

Microformats is a data format that allows you to share information through the Web. For example, if hcards and hcalendars Save the contact and calendar data in the same format, they can be opened in different programs.

The safari microformats plug-in can readHcards or hcalendarsData, and a small icon is displayed on the status bar, prompting you. Click this small icon to add these contacts or calendar data to your own address book or iCal. Plugin website.

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