Does google+1 have an impact on your search engine optimization?

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Article Description: Google's +1 button is how to affect search engine optimization.

Since the age of Google Buzz, the +1 button has become a mystery to users and blog writers. Unlike Facebook's "Praise" button, Google Buzz does not share content directly into the user's public information stream. But developing a social graph has long been a target for Google, and it seems inevitable that it is linked to a search engine.

Google's definition of the +1 button is to help people find and share relevant content from people they already know and trust. Users can give different types of content +1, including Google search results, websites, and ads. Once the user is part of a +1 of an article, they can see +1 options in their g+ user profile, in Google search results, and the site will have a +1 button.

When Google integrated the search engine with your world last month, things got complicated. Jack Menzel, director of Google search product management, explains that users on the g+ are now able to "search through a private message that is shared only with you, not just on public pages." According to Ian Laurie on the Talk Marketing blog, when search engines are integrated with your private world, the search results for many +1 of people will appear in the higher positions of all search results.

Google has made and described +1 of its uses, but has not explained the need for the +1 button to have a direct impact on search rankings. This is one of the drawbacks we now know. Does +1 affect the performance of my site in social search?

+1 does not directly affect your site's search rankings. more than 1 links do not mean that in the traditional search results will get a higher ranking, think of this episode:

When a g+ user + 1 is part of the article, he gives you his "endorsement mark." After that, one of his contacts searches for the same topic or related topics from the g+ link. Because the search engine has been integrated with your private world. His friend is likely to click on the link at the beginning of the +1 (when a logged-on user searches, his Google results may include a comment that indicates the name of the contact who already has +1 for this content). This is because the content that Google has been recommended by friends and acquaintances is more relevant to content from strangers.

This is true for those who did not log in to their Google account during the search. When a user searches for the same phrase, the search results may show the total number of content being +1. This is another way to confirm related links.

What does this have to do with search engine optimization?

The +1-through link will have the chance to get a high click-through, and the potential for sharing will be greater, whether the link is in facebook,twitter,g+ or any social networking site. An experiment by Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz (a renowned SEO tool provider) and co-founder. Testing the relationship between Twitter and Facebook's share of Google search results, he found that the number of tweets was positively correlated with receiving a share link and its search rankings. That means the more a link is broadcast on Twitter and Facebook, the higher the search rankings will be. This, in turn, leads to better search engine optimization.

Google+1 will indirectly lead to better page rankings. the more 1 the number, the more likely the link will be to have a high click rate, to be able to share more on social networking sites and, conversely, to improve the rankings in Google's search. It is important to note that +1 and other social sharing and search rankings are interacting relationships, not causal relationships.

In essence, the impact of +1 on search engine optimization is not very straightforward, meaning that the traditional search engine optimization methods should not be overlooked. Search engine optimization is like a building linked by links, the relevant keywords, URL structure, for page ranking has a more significant impact.

The function of google+1 is still in infancy. More data needs to be aggregated to draw the statistical relevance of the search. As Google said: "To make +1 a new ranking mark, we are beginning to be careful and learn how those logos affect search quality." "Erin Everhart

Search engine optimization experts, such as the 352Media group's Erin Aywart. There is a positive outlook for future social search. "I don't think we live in a world where we don't live forever in a world where social cues don't have any impact on search engine optimization," she said. ”

Have you seen Google+1 's impact on your search engine optimization? Will the +1 button have a direct impact on the search rankings?

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