Does Samsung c7 have a fingerprint to unlock? How can I use the Samsung c7 fingerprint to unlock it?

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Does Samsung c7 have fingerprints to unlock?

The Samsung C7 mobile phone has the fingerprint unlocking function. We will introduce you to fingerprint unlocking.

How can I unlock a Samsung c7 fingerprint?

1. Click settings on the standby page ].


2. Slide the screen up and click lock screen and fingerprint ].


3. Click "fingerprint ].


4. Use the preset screen unlocking method to unlock the screen. If you have not set any screen locking method, create a screen locking method. Here, select [hybrid password] as an example.


5. Enter the mixed password to be set and click continue ]. (Note: The hybrid password must contain at least 4 characters, including at least 1 letter .)


6. Enter the hybrid password again and click OK ].


7. Place your finger on the primary screen key, raise your finger, and repeat the process until fingerprint registration is completed. (Please move your finger up/down between each attempt .)


8. Set whether to display notifications and content on the locked screen as needed, and click finish. (The default options are used here)


9. You have successfully registered one set of fingerprints (note: place your finger on the primary screen key to check whether the fingerprint has been added). You can register up to three sets of fingerprints.



What should I do if I forget to unlock my fingerprint?

1. When setting fingerprint unlocking for Samsung C7, you need to set the backup PIN. If the fingerprint unlocking fails or fails, you can use this backup PIN to unlock it.
2. If you forget this backup PIN code, the mobile phone supports the samsungdive remote control and unlock function, which meets the following conditions: you have enabled remote control, mobile data (or WLAN), and your mobile phone has been bound to a Samsung account, log on to the following website:
Https:// logging on to an account, you can unlock the screen. After this operation, the previously set Lock Screen mode will be changed to the default sliding unlock mode.
3. If the mobile phone has not been bound to a Samsung account, contact the service center to unlock the account.

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