Does Sina Blog play a role in Baidu's external chain?

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Seonj. It is found that Baidu's indexing of Sina blogs is indeed fast, until I published the article "The logistics market has improved, the Transportation Price has slowed down" and used the anchor text "Jia Ji Express" to export links. However, Baidu did not collect the article for a long time, so I collected statistics on my blog.



After the above data, I was surprised to find that 6 of the 9 blogs were indexed by Baidu on the same day (only the "A-stream garlic meat is expensive" in the 6 blogs). that's because this is the first blog post after the blog was launched .), This means that none of the three blogs added with external hyperlinks play the role of external links. Maybe the reader will ask: is this not the original reason? However, I do not think so, because the "Pukou tourism has to go" in the six blogs included are all pictures with few texts, "A stream of garlic meat is expensive" or even slightly changed a few words, but it is still included. On the contrary, the two blog posts "fat seo forum is finally okay" and "logistics market is improving, transportation prices are slowly rising" are original but not included.

Note: The superlinks mentioned here are all based on "Jiaji Express", "fat seo", or other anchor text as keywords, the reason why I don't adopt the Direct website placement method is because I don't think the effect is good (if I have any concerns, I can discuss it with each other ).

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