DOM Exception Error

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Index_size_err Code 1 index is negative, or the index value is exceeded

Domstring_size_err  code 2                     domstring specific character data too big & nbsp Hierarchy_request_err  code 3               byte No child nodes are allowed, or the new node is the ancestor node of the node  wrong _document_err  code 4                   attempts to operate across document nodes  invalid_character _err  code 5                 an illegal or invalid character tries to develop into a restricted string  no_data_allowed_e RR  code 6                   Specify data for nodes that do not support data  no_modification_allowed_ ERR  code 7     Attempt to modify a node that cannot be modified  not_found_err  code 8             &NBS P                 referenced node does not exist  not_supported_err  code 9       & nbsp               Try to implement an unsupported operation  inuse_attribute_err  code       &NB Sp   &NBSP       Attempt to add a property in use  invalid_state_err  code               & nbsp       Trying to use an unavailable object  syntax_err  code                 &N Bsp                 invalid or illegal string is specified  invalid_modification_err  code   &N Bsp       Try to modify the type of a node  namespace_err  code                             actions and namespace conflicts  invalid_access_err  code         &NBSP ;           A property or operation does not support the specified node

DOM Exception Error

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