Domain name Quotient Annual report: 2014 51DNS total domain name up to 1.1 million

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IDC Commentary Network ( January 16 reported: According to the domain name statistics agency WEBHOSTING.INFO data show, in 2014, 51DNS as a black horse, all the way through, broke into the domestic domain name quotient of the first three strong domain names. As of December 29, 2014, 51DNS has 1.1 million domain names, with a net increase of 843,041 years, and a considerable increment. Below, look at the detailed statistical report compiled by IDC:

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(Fig. 1) 2014 51DNS domain name registration Volume distribution map

1, in 2014, 51DNS domain name registration volume is a ladder-like distribution, the overall rise is obvious, the total amount is heading towards the 1.2 million mark. And a closer look at the monthly net increase, found that the number of curve fluctuations, the overall ups and downs, it is clear that the growth of 51DNS domain name is not stable. It is worth noting that the 51DNS, the last one months, the domain name has fallen, a net minus 33,800. In addition to the rest of the month, 51DNS has maintained a relatively rapid growth rate, with a 3-month net increase of more than 100,000.

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(Figure 2) January 2014-December 51DNS domain name growth data

Figure 2 shows that during the whole year of 2014, the 51DNS increased strong, the total number of domain names from 262,605 to 1,105,646, a total net increase of 843,041. At the same time, its market share is also irresistible force, starting from nearly 3.6%, to reach a peak of 12.5% by the end of November, and then reduce the total number of domain names down to 12% end of the journey. Throughout the year, although the growth of 51DNS domain name is not stable, but the overall growth rate is faster, performance is very high, and therefore in 2014, the number of domestic domain name quotient domain name occupies a place in the third, ranked 3rd.

Domain name Quotient Annual report: 2014 51DNS total domain name up to 1.1 million

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