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A project on Google Code
Just released version 2.5
I claim that I want to create another big and complete JS library, which is intended to confront jquery, prototype, Yui, and Ext. Haha
With this release of domassistant, I feel that it can seriously compete
With the major JavaScript libraries on the market. It has a very easy
Syntax to select or manipulate elements, and with the core
Functionality anyone needs, without having to worry about Web Browser
After a brief look at the syntax, the Yui he can do should be basically done, but the enhanced performance and extra checks for memory leaks MS is relatively strong, so you have time to take a look.
Secondly, it has some convenient syntaxes. the CSS and XPath syntaxes used by selector are certainly better than the Yui Yahoo. util. get and then getelementsbyclassname (In addition, selector has been released for the new Yui). In addition, the most common get and load methods are used for Ajax requests, you can retrieve data and find and update the content of an element in a row. Code To use Yui to do this, you may need 10 lines of code. Anyway, you can write the most common load and get methods when packaging Yui yourself, the detailed method is still needed. After all, not all requests are handled in such a simple way as get and load.

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New features included in version 2.5:
Full CSS1-3 selector support full CSS1-3 selector support
New Ajax Methods: load and get new load and get Methods
Enhanced Performance and extra checks for memory leaks enhanced performance and extra memory leakage detection
XPath support XPath selector support
Domassistant now creates its own scope to make use of private properties creates all attributes of the Self-running domain to protect itself
Also, in terms of code quality Robert has taken the extra step to ensure that the whole library is jslint validated.
In addition, to ensure code quality, the entire code base has passed the jslint verification,

The main purpose of domassistant is to provide a solid foundation to build upon without all of the extras sometimes encoded in other libraries. As such, domassistant focuses on:
Domassistant aims to provide a base class library that does not depend on any third-party class libraries. domassistant focuses on the following features:

Element selection (through CSS selectors or enhanced methods). element selection (via CSS selector or more powerful selection method)
CSS handling (adding and removing CSS classes). CSS attribute operations (adding or deleting CSS classes)
Event handling (adding and removing events). Event operations (add and delete events)
Content manipulation (add or remove elements). Page Content operations (add and delete page elements)

Ajax interaction (getting content from other sources, and adding it to the document ).
Ajax interaction (obtain content from external sources and add it to the specified location on the page)

Dom loaded (calling functions when the Dom is loaded, as opposed to the document with all dependencies ).
Dom loading is complete (a function is called back after the page Dom is loaded, instead of waiting for the page content to be loaded)

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