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CEO of yanhuang Yingdong, chief technology officer, Liu Jinzhu: Founder of yanhuang YingdongLiu Jinzhu(Used to call him "Jack") at javaunion, it was not long before he left Kingdee and created actionsoft. More people may know about the "pillar" through the CN-Java website.

(Turn) Try domestic manufacturers actionsoft AWS platform feeling:

Who are we? Http:// Boardid = 34 & id = 29659
BPM advocates for Model Technology-Beijing yanhuang Yingdong Technology Development Co., Ltd., one of the fastest growing independent software vendors in the Business Process middleware market, and one of the representatives of the innovative power of China's software industry in the new era; the software products provided by yanhuang Yingdong mainly focus on the BPM-based business process management development platform and collaborative application solutions built on the platform. Meanwhile, yanhuang provides technical support, implementation and consulting services related to software products to partners and end users.
We have:CN-JAVA Network-The world's most famous Chinese JavaTechnical CommunityIt has more than 0.1 million Java technology developers and researchers distributed nationwide and around the world, and is committed to the popularization of Java technology in China.


Other tool reference: (

1) visio: Microsoft modeling tool, which is more user-friendly, but has no features such as Rose, strong, and specialized, and supports positiveCodeGenerate and reverse engineer the code.
2) Together: Another powerful modeling tool, written in Java, has a good reputation, but is a little slower. You can find detailed information about togather from the, and the following URL provides a tutorial on together:
Http:// /~ TKA/kurssit/tietojarjestelmien_suunnittelu/together/tccguide6
3) Visual UML: supports multiple language types, such as Vc, VB, Delphi, and corba idl. It can generate code directly from the UML design diagram, which is easy to use and is perfect for personal use, the interface is also refreshing. You can find detailed information about visual UML from the
4) smartdraw: A general chart production software that can be used to make group loom diagrams, flowcharts, and statistical charts. With an image library, you can create various types of charts. You can find detailed information about smartdraw from the
5) playcase: it is a Chinese object-oriented modeling software compatible with UML, IDEF, and lightweight software, but the interface looks a little simple, but it was completed by Mr. Gao Zhan using Delphi.


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