Domestic demand highlights the opportunity and development of smart home audio and video

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Thanks to the rapid economic development, people's living consumption level has been generally improved, safety awareness has been strengthened. In this case, the past dedicated to special areas of security products, began to gradually enter the ordinary people's homes, especially mobile network video surveillance equipment as the representative of mobile home security products began to pour into the market, with strong technology, fashionable appearance design, imperceptibly change the home security market development status.

Easy to install mobile into the biggest advantage

Commonly used home security system includes a set of cameras, monitors and memory, with basic analysis functions, can complete monitoring, alarm and storage video. A more advanced security system adds audio and video surveillance, remote viewing, and alarm call functions. And in the increasing popularity of smartphones today, as long as the installation of a client, you can realize the monitoring way of "anywhere", which not only changed the traditional way of wiring, but also to install, commissioning, deployment and operation more simple and fool.

It is understood that by Bai Rui Science and technology research and development of "anychat" intelligent home audio and video overall solution, can help users break through time and space limitations, establish point-to-point audio and video communication between users, to achieve self-control, remote control, management functions, to meet the needs of smart home or special scene business.

Domestic demand highlights the opportunity and development of smart home audio and video

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