Domino manual settings required to use diiop

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Application scenarios

To access the Domino R6 server through diiop, you must manually configure the three parts described in this article on the server side.

Lotus Domino Service Startup Required Diiop

Please checkDomino ServerWhether to setDiiopTask addedServertasks.

Open the installation directory of your Domino service, for example, under the c: \ Lotus \ domino directory:

OpenNotes. iniConfiguration file, and then find"Servertasks"Line, as shown below:

By default,"Diiop.

In order to makeLotus DominoThe service can be loaded at startup.DiiopTask, must be manually addedDiiop to servertasks.

Save this file and exit the file.

Restart"Lotus Domino Server (Lotus Domino data)"Service.

IfDominoService not startedDiiop, Then ourJavaProgramWill be captured4062 exceptionsError code, which indicates the following meaning:

Error Code





Domino R6AndR5


Indicates that "cannot be created with the serverSession", Which may be one of the following reasons:

1:DominoThe server is not started;

2:DominoServer not startedDiiopTask;

3: BenWeb ServiceAndDominoServer63148Port(DiiopDefault port)Unable to communicate.


PleaseDominoAdministrator foundDiiop_ior.txtFile, copyDeployment personnel.

So what do we know about beiiop_ior.txt?

We can enter the command"Tell diiop show config", Domino will tell us a series of parameters, please refer:

Lotus Domino ServerCommand Line copy screen output

>Tell diiop show config
Dump of Domino IIOP (diiop) configuration settings

Full Server Name:...
Common server name :...
Refresh Interval: 3 minutes


TCP port: 63148 Enabled
SSL port: 0 disabled
Initial net Timeout: 120 seconds
Session Timeout: 60 minutes
Client Session Timeout: 62 minutes

Ior file: C: \ Lotus \ domino \ data \ domino \ HTML \ diiop_ior.txt


"Ior file: C: \ Lotus \ domino \ data \ domino \ HTML \ diiop_ior.txtThen, it indicates the location of the diiop_ior.txt file.

The administrator can copy the file to the deployer.

JavaProgramUse this fileDominoserverProceedCORBADialog.

Lotus Domino Service Where the parameter must be modified

ModifyDomino, Please startLotus Domino Administrator.

If yesDomino server R5, Please refer to my 《[Domino] JavaAccessDomino R5Required server settings.

If yesDomino server R6, Please refer to my 《[Domino] JavaAccessDominoRequired server settings.

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