Domino SMTP verification-Implementation of LDAP-POP3

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I. Purpose
* Implement LDAP to meet barracuda Anti-Spam system applications
* Implements LDAP to query Domino user information in outlook.
* POP3 is implemented to enable Domino Mail to support e-mail clients such as outlook.
* Enable SMTP authentication

Ii. POP3 settings
1. Shut down the Domino server and Domino administrator, and restart the server.
2. Go to disk D (Domino'sProgramDirectory), D:/Lotus/Domino, open notes. ini ,,
* Add a POP3 task in "servertasks = ". 
* Add a row of pop3domain = server name
* Run the Domino server. The POP3 Service Startup information is displayed in the Domino server window. Open the domino administrator, and click the "Configure" tab. Choose Server> current Server> port> Internet port> mail, and set "mail (POP3) column settings

* Open Outlook Express in the client, select the tool> account on the menu, and create a Mail User. The main setting is to enter the POP3 and SMTP addresses or domain names, iNotes usernames and passwords.
* After you click send and receive, the received email is normal.

Iii. LDAP settings
1. Shut down the Domino server and Domino administrator, and restart the server.
2. Go to disk D (Domino program directory), D:/Lotus/Domino, open notes. ini ,,
* Add an LDAP task in "servertasks =" and set the parameters as shown in Figure

* Start the Domino server. You can see the LDAP startup information,

* Domino administrator, click the "configuration" tab, Select Server> current server document> port> Internet port> directory, and set

3. test whether the LDAP service is normal. You can use outlook to test the service.

4. Enable SMTP Verification
In Domino, you want to use an SMTP server to handle public external SMTP traffic, but you need to prevent the Domino server from being an open external relay station (used by spam ), however, authenticated customers are allowed to relay or forward emails.
1. To enable this configuration, go to the server documentation> current server documentation> port> Internet Port tab. Set "name and password" to "yes" and "anonymous" to "yes" for the authentication option (SMTP external) for port 25 mail ". 19

"Name and password". If you want to allow clients connected via TCP/IP (SMTP external) to use the name and password for verification, select "yes"
"Anonymous": Select "yes" if you want to allow anonymous connections by using TCP/IP outside of SMTP"
2. Choose server documentation> Configuration> vro/SMTP> Limits and control> enter an asterisk *, 20 in the following field of the SMTP external relay control:

* "The email is denied to be sent to the following external internet domain: (* indicates all )"
* "Reject emails from the following Internet hosts to external internet domain: (* indicates all )".
* In the force part of external relay, ensure that "authenticated user exceptions" in this field are set to "allow all authenticated user relay ".
3. Restart the SMTP task of the Domino server to make the change take effect. When connecting to the client, you must configure the authentication information (name and password) used by the account during the connection. In this example, on the OE settings page, you must check "my server requires authentication ". After the above configuration, unauthenticated connections will not be allowed to relay SMTP and cannot be sent (barracuda or domino will block it ). Authenticated connections can send SMTP emails to external Internet domains.



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