Don't try to complicate design--graphic creativity in visual design

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Do not want to complicate the design, the first to hear the "design" what people think is a profound thing. Our life is really inseparable from design, design has brought us a lot of convenience and the enjoyment of beauty. I think design is not to create, but to find. Design from life, in dribs and drabs found in the United States, ugly, looking for the laws of nature, application of which. As long as we have mastered the law, we will be able to complete a satisfactory work. So in visual design, what are the methods of expression (law)?

Graphic originality in visual design

Graphic creativity is an important part of visual design, it can be said to find a good graphic creativity is half the success.

What is graphic creativity?

Use a certain form to express creative ideas and visualize the design ideas. With graphic design as the core, through a number of creative methods to design, in the works to establish conflict or clever reference to the familiar things. Seek the most trigger point that can trigger the emotional resonance of the viewer.

Common techniques for graphic creativity

(i) Isomorphic

When we face a variety of "shapes" that represent meaning, only one can not fully explain the problem, a simple list and very boring, so, not only to the concept of full, but also want to make the work itself contains eye-catching visual interest, we need to find the common factors between the image, and its comprehensive reproduction. Two or more than two graphs are grouped together to form a new shape. This is the isomorphism.

Designer Sonia Rentsch published this series called "Dinnerware Etiquette" design, to let people understand the importance of table manners. With a relaxed angle to show the western table manners, the designer will be the knife and fork dishes for all kinds of playful styling to match, witty way to creative life, even if the meal etiquette gives a serious impression, now seems to be a kind of fun art.

Photographer Carl Kleiner the 2 elements together in an interesting and homogeneous way, completing the Ikea ad, telling people that fresh quality brings you a different creative design.

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