Done: The project is not found, please confirm the location of the project method

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Xp\windows7\windows8 When you delete a file, you encounter a simple solution that "you cannot find the item, confirm the location of the project, and then try again"

    • . txt text Document

    1. 1

      the cause of this problem occurs :

      The file or folder name does not conform to the Windows naming convention, for example, the name contains: and other special symbols;

      Ii. folders created using the Download tool to delete files yourself before the download is complete

      Third, system backup files ghost created files (I was the system backup ghost generated, when installed dual system)

      Iv. anti-delete directory generated by malicious files

    2. 2

      1. Open My Computer, or any folder, in the display of known file type here selected tick off, (let the system does not hide the file suffix, so the security point)

    3. 3

      2. New file text, the type of txt format

      Copy and paste the following code into a new TXT Notepad document and save as a 1.bat file (or your preferred name), and note that the extension is a batch file, bat;

      Start copying from the bold bold words below:

      del/f/a/q \\?\%1

      rd/s/q \\?\%1

    4. 4

      3. Drag the error folder you want to delete into the. bat window and you're done, as shown in

    • Don't delete important documents.

Done: The project is not found, please confirm the location of the project

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