Don't be ambiguous, hurt yourself.

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Mengfei said: If love, please love, if you abandon, please thoroughly. Don't be ambiguous, hurt yourself.

Mengfei said: "Life is the most regrettable, it is easy to give up should not give up, stubborn insisted that should not adhere to."

Mengfei said: Since love, why do not say, some things lost, will not come back.

Mengfei said: Some loss is doomed, some fate will never have the result. Love a person does not necessarily have, if you have a person must be good love her.

Mengfei said: "Our life has too many helpless, we can not change, also powerless to change, and worse, we have lost the idea of change."

Mengfei said: Life is not only, lonely unceasingly. Lonely Life Love Endless,

Mengfei said: Time will slowly precipitate, some people will be in your heart slowly blurred, learn to let go, your happiness needs to be fulfilled.

Mengfei said: "Life in just a few decades, do not leave any regrets." Want to laugh on the smile, want to cry cry, the love of Time to love, needless to suppress their own. The Depression of life has two: one is that the desire is not satisfied, and the second is that it is fulfilled.

Mengfei said: "Walking together is fate, has been walking is happiness."

Mengfei said: I thought the bird flies but the sea, is because the bird did not fly over the sea of courage. Ten years later I found that not a bird flies but the sea, but the sea of the end, has not been waiting.

To yourself:

It's hard to hold on again. be indifferent to any good. You have to be confident when you are poor. Save as much as you can. Be warm when you are cold again. Remember this sentence: Yesterday, delete. Today, leave it to the memory. Tomorrow, fight. Yes, stick to it. Wrong, give up. Oneself again good also will someone despise, oneself again unbearable also will someone see if life.

So, do not have a good time, when the fall, do not degenerate, even if their own thin, become beautiful, everything is better, do not love their own people or do not love. Even if they are fat, then ugly, how bad, love their own people will never abandon. Who with sincerity to me, I will take life to cherish, this sentence will never expire.

I will only pay for the people who deserve my pay, whether it is friendship or love. I have my style, I have my request, I am me, can not copy, also no substitute. Worse, there is only one of me. In life, we can not bosom, because we also can not put, our concept, our habits love to return, blessed. For the sake of others, someone must think of themselves, this is cause and effect, this is the law?

Don't be ambiguous, hurt yourself.

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