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Webmaster for the main purpose of SEO is to bring more traffic to their site, this is understandable, but now more and more webmaster for SEO and seo, but forgot the purpose of SEO, SEO mission.

Webmaster for the main purpose of SEO is to bring more traffic to their site, this is understandable, but now more and more webmaster for SEO and seo, but forgot the purpose of SEO, SEO mission.

I admit that the importance of SEO is more and more big, now the internet world is not "good wine is not afraid of alley deep" that era, wine (website) done, if not a certain amount of yell (SEO) also do not expect to have too many netizens patronize. Here are two keywords: "Good wine", "yell".

Do you have any good wine?

More and more webmaster's "yell" ability really is too strong, title,keywords,description, keyword density, sandbox, PR value of the role, optimization are also at their fingertips, but you enter their site when you will find really not how. Then the mouse moved to the upper right, in the click of a sound sounded, to the site brought an IP also took away a user.

Are we wrong? No, the site is the most important external indicators of what? Flow, there is no flow on the basis of money, there is no qualification to negotiate with VC. Making money is our common goal. Flow for the King's theory has been deeply engraved in the hearts of our webmaster, so countless webmaster (including myself) slowly fell into the only "SEO" theory, all the energy into the SEO, but forget the "brew good wine."

A real long-term profit of the site should be a netizen like the site.

A netizen likes the website should be a can bring to the Netizen the website which needs.

A website that can bring to the Netizen must be the website that we pay painstaking effort for.

Every website is our webmaster's child, his everything is in our hands slowly build. We paid a lot for him. But his birth does not mean that he is perfect. While we're grooming him (SEO), don't forget his re-education (improvement, perfection). And his improvement, perfect as SEO, is a persistent thing.

How to brew a good wine?

It's really hard to find a theme on the internet that has never been done before. Well, we've had some good ideas, and we're doing a good job, so what are we going to do? For example, some sites are stuffed with "daughter Red", often only the first few businesses to open a shop the best, why? Because everyone is "daughter Red", and taste is similar, if not for any particular reason, I do want to go to another? How do we "Rob Business"?

Poor alienation

Before the site differentiation is generally through innovation and combination to achieve. Some stationmaster may see the innovation two words on the headache, may say I am standing in the speech does not have the waist to ache. Innovation and combination is a very broad concept, the purpose is one, and others have differentiated. The difference may be big, maybe just a little bit of change. Take That year "ebay" and "Taobao" war, why the last "Taobao" can Beat "ebay"? To know "Taobao" debut, "ebay" has been China's Internet trading site boss. Differentiation, I think the biggest difference is that "Taobao" is free, "ebay" is charged. Some sites may be able to win more users simply because the steps are only one step less than the opponent's site. For example, "Magic show" mobile phone theme production site, his operation steps are few and clear. So I make the theme to this site is enough.

The above example is just a draw, I hope that webmaster can change the role of the treatment of SEO. In this I also hope that other to me as addicted to SEO webmaster can think more about how to improve their own web site, brew their own good wine.

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