Don't talk about practice at the age of the gun.

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After the news of Yang Jiang's death, I was very ill-disposed to brush my circle of friends and see how many jobless and dog-followers I had in my circle of friends. Sure enough, not a few minutes, the circle of Friends was Yang Jiang Love, Yang Jiang Life, rip brush screen ...

In the circle of Friends Cloud funeral, mourning celebrities is nothing new. If this mourning Yang Jiang have any new play, it is a group of forced criminals, self-think their own way of mourning than others, the invention of the handwritten Yang Jiang quotations of new show way.

As a result, it is ironic that the people's Daily rushed to send an article reminding: "Respect for Mr. Yang Jiang, please be sure to eliminate this phrase in the Circle of friends!" The handwritten "Hundred years old speech" is not made by Mr. Yang Jiang. This face is really popping!

But more people without words is, clearly before a few minutes in the group asked which has Lujiazui female master of the video, how to turn a body on the circle of friends say life the most graceful scenery, is the inner calm and calm?

Your problem lies in the forwarding too much and reading too little, reading too little, but also special love to think.


Circulating in the circle of Friends "100-year-old speech" is written: "We have so longed for the fate of the waves, until the last discovery: the most graceful scenery of life, is the inner calm and calm." We have been so looking forward to outside recognition, until the end to know: The world is its own, and other people have no relationship. ”

This sentence sounds although very chicken soup, but it is a year over the old man in the life of the Hundred, the life after the change of the real sentiment, there is no problem, but many young people put this phrase po in the circle of friends as their motto, it seems sentimental and contrived.

Pack what Taichetaiwu, what inner peace Ah!

What is young people, young people should be vigorous, should be blooded, can be poor, but should not take this aloof attitude of life as their escape from the world Shield.


Not big rich expensive people, is not qualified to say indifferent to fame and wealth.

Many people say that their pursuit of a simple life, how much is true because we are willing to abide by the simple life, or just because there is no ability to pursue those material and luxury?

It is because of our low income every month, passing the luxury shop, we will have to speed up the pace to leave, because we know that in the window of the Hermes bag is not for us to see, so we turned to the cheap wholesale market; Because we have no money, not too tall and not handsome, So only in the circle of friends to see other people in the Lujiazui Four Seasons Hotel Goddess, also comfort herself that the female master is not good-looking.

Obviously you have nothing, why can you make an initiative to abandon all the performance?

All say that the world is its own, has nothing to do with others. However, the young, the heart is full of various desires, if there is no money in hand, parents do not have the right to grow ugly, who can really happy?


Master retrieved wrote an article: You may not be a good person, you just have no chance of debauchery.

It refers to a point of view: Many times, it is ethical to maintain our words and deeds, often not our moral sentiments superior or spiritual state overlooking sentient beings, but simply because of our various short boards.

We may overlook the fact that it is not necessarily our character to support our "character", but the suffering that is used to prove our character.

Once there was a joke said: Rich and luxury is the nobility of luxury, rich and simple is the connotation of low-key, no money and luxury is the naked force, no money and simple is very poor.

Yes, most of the time, the maintenance of our frugality may be our poverty, and the maintenance of our misconduct may be our ugliness; keeping us low-key may be our mediocrity.


The most vulnerable of young people is narcissism, the symptom of which is too immersed in their own world.

If the literary youth have this disease, it is really, almost, I can not think of any language to express.

Open this kind of person's circle of friends, you will immediately be in their state to scare urine: they read the book, listen to the music, watch the film, film Love Beans and complacent, the entire superiority of the whole is quickly overflow from the screen.

Of course, such a strong performance of the personality of the friend, is not really in mourning what, what, nor is the call to what the Renaissance, their purpose is not to let everyone go to read to feel, but let everyone feel that they have more loaded force.

But dear, many times you in the circle of Friends show loneliness, confusion, not to give up, youth, may have originated from their own ignorance.

You're not as passionate as you think you are.


Do not read Buddhist scriptures in love, do not talk about practice at the age of the gun, what kind of things to do at any age.

If Mr. Yang Jiang at your age to realize the "life is the most graceful scenery, is the inner calm and calm" such a truth, then may also not write what we three, bath these good works.

In this context, so I suggest those who have seen the success of the life of the true meaning of the young people, tonight, 7:30, put on sports clothes and sports pants, we go to the community downstairs in the square, dance up.

After all, the world is its own and has nothing to do with others.

A song for you, Li Jian's high school days. I, a 30-year-old has not learned and life reconciliation, all day sentimental boy.

Source: The president never pretends to be

Don't talk about practice at the age of the gun.

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