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Last time I talked to my friends about the Internet, I said that in the years when I was doing Windows development, I was really ignorant about the internet, although

The "TCP/IP protocol detailed" look, but in the end still feel very abstract. Until later turned to Linux, and need to go with routers and switches, only slow

A slow understanding of some of the previously baffled questions, and then look back to the theoretical books, I think I can be regarded as the person ("book Target readers ...")


Then, I will give an example, to express the difference between the network and understand Dot network, because the current Vego also only dare to say "understand", I do not like to blow


If the customer has the following requirements: In their remote room or office automation installation of a vsphere/openstack cluster.

Do not understand the network of a:

A June has not been mixed up in the position of the eldest brother, there is no younger brother to help deal with dirty live hard work, the first response to this need is: Fuck the customer

Households. How could this be done? But forced to work, no way, he may call the customer said, a June I travel in a few days, with CD-ROM to your office

Room to install the system Ah ah ah. Then I have to apply for a business trip, buy a ticket and so on, annoying him. When he was installed, the client was not satisfied, he was too efficient

Too low.

Know the dot Network B:

Although not a cow, but B June on the network inkling, so his mind may slowly emerge from a network diagram, if the graph for network connection,

It is possible to remotely install the cluster to the client room or office, b you do not have to bring the disc past, he in the office for one hours to draw this picture

Good, and then on their own side need to do, the customer needs to do the things clearly after the call to customers, ask customers to do some work together. In

After the customer completes the cooperation, b June only needs several mouse keyboard operation, the customer side machine screen unexpectedly all lit up, the system brushes the brush to install it, the guest

The household was holding a cup of coffee over there, staring at the screens with dubious uncertainty. A cup of coffee after the belly, a cluster has been installed, for the company, b June to do

Law is saving time and effort to save money, customers will appreciate more, continue to cooperate, I see the line.

The Network diagram for B is as follows:

b You make the following explanations for your diagram:

First of all, in the company has a deployment server "Deployment Server", configure the company intranet IP, in the company's extranet gateway router to do a NAT conversion, so that the deployment of the server has a map of a good extranet IP. The client side assumes that there are only 3 servers, you need to give these 3 servers reserved 6 customers over the intranet IP address, each server needs 2 IP, and then ask customers in their company's extranet gateway router also do NAT mapping, so that 6 internal and external IP on the corresponding 6 IP, And in the diagram below the switch configured DHCP relay, relay IP address configured to B June deployment of the server's extranet IP, and to 3 servers configured remote management card intranet IP. The red line in the figure represents the network where the server remote management card is connected. b June to the customer Request 3 Server remote management card corresponding to the extranet IP and 3 servers installed through DHCP access to the intranet IP and Eth0 MAC address, and then configure DHCP on their own deployment server, the server MAC address and to allocate the intranet IP one by one corresponding.

Now, b June already know 3 Servers remote management card of the external network IP, and to 3 servers configured DHCP, IP is assigned to the client intranet IP,

However, the DHCP process runs on the deployment server of Company B.

Finally, B-June through the remote management card to start 3 servers, and set up to boot from the network. When 3 servers are started, DHCP requests are sent

To the bottom of the switch, because the switch is configured to relay, so the switch unicast DHCP request to B-June Company's deployment server, after the layer back, 3

The server gets the IP of the intranet that is reserved by DHCP. Next, 3 servers download mirrors from the deployment server for automated installation,

Although the configuration is intranet IP, but after mapping, the deployment server to see their extranet IP, so their communication is no problem. About self

Dynamic deployment of the server need to install what software, and so on, here is not expanded, where the assumption has been configured well.

In this way, b June seems to be very miscellaneous things, but also need customer cooperation, but once the environment is deployed, after the installation can be automated

, will greatly save the deployment cost, think about a June, only the boundless sympathy.

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