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Don't worry about copyright-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Although I am a little older than using a large number of pirated and cracked software, as a it-loving person who has been reading books for a few years, I am barely an intellectual, I am deeply aware of the dangers of piracy to the knowledge industry. But because I have read a lot of books and have no chance to earn money, I keep myself in school and study how to save money. They have a rare understanding of many cracking software. Because, although I am wrong, if I have the ability, I will still choose to spend money to buy genuine products, which is a respect for others' work. It is also my value.

I. Operating System (Ubuntu replaces Windows)
Ubuntu is a national concept in South Africa, focusing on the loyalty and connection between people. This word is from Zulu and kosayu. Ubuntu (pronounced "oo-BOON-too "? "Ubantu") is regarded as a traditional concept of Africa and is also one of the basic principles for establishing a new South Africa region. It is closely related to the ideals of the African renaissance. Ubuntu is "Humane" (benevolent to others ). Another translation can be: "The belief shared by the world connects everyone ". "A person with the ubuntu spirit is open-minded, helpful, knowledgeable, and not jealous, because he/she has moderate self-confidence, and this comes from the following understanding: he/she is a bigger whole, when others are hurt or die, this whole disappears when others are tortured or oppressed." ? Archbishop Desmond Tutu. As a platform based on GNU/Linux, the Ubuntu operating system brings the ubuntu spirit to the software world.

Ii. Decompress (7-zip instead of winrar)
7-Zip is a completely free compression tool distributed under the GNU/LPGL protocol. It can open common compression formats including RAR/ZIP/GZIP, is a good alternative to WINRAR.

3. Office software (Wps and OpenOffice replace MS Office)
OpenOffice is a free and open-source office software package, which includes text processing, workbooks, presentations, vector graphics, and databases, it can be executed on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris, and other operating systems. It is compatible with the Microsoft Office software suite. In addition, WPS made in China is also very good.

Iv. Image Processing (replacing Photoshop with IGMP)
GIMP is a free image processing software similar to Photoshop. Its style, panel, layers, filters, and so on are very similar to Photoshop. users who are used to Photoshop can start quickly.

5. Image Browsing (Picasa replaces ACDsee)
Picasa is an independently charged software with powerful functions. After being acquired by Google, Picasa has become a free software, which allows you to browse images quickly and edit and modify images, it is a recommended tool for managing images and digital photos.

6. programming and development (Eclipse replaces Visual Studio)
Eclipse is an open-source and Java-based scalable development platform. Although most users use Eclipse as a Java IDE, the goal of Eclipse is not limited to this. Eclipse can be used as an integrated programming development environment for C ++, Basic, PHP, and other languages by using plug-ins from various programming languages.

VII. Security Protection (360 security guard replaces Skynet)
360 security guard is a new free personal firewall product that can clean up various malicious plug-ins, prevent hacker Trojan attacks, and arpfirewall.

VIII. Anti-Virus Software (Avira AntiVir replaces other anti-virus software)
Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic is a free anti-virus software in Germany. It is compact but powerful in anti-virus capabilities. The free version provides comprehensive functions to meet the anti-Trojan needs of most users.

9. Server (LAMP replaces Windows + IIS + SQLServer + ASP)
LAMP (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) is a completely free and open-source server architecture. It features simplicity, low cost, and flexible execution. It has better performance than Windows + IIS + SQLServer + ASP, it is completely free and is the preferred architecture for Building WEB Services.

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