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As the school is about to begin, many people have now begun to go to campus. online games and Internet sharing are two required courses during school life ". A Broadband Router is a necessary part for individuals, families, and dormitories to build a network. Low-cost broadband routers are easy to use, and network address translation NAT can provide the maximum performance of Internet applications, allows multiple users to access the Internet at the same time and share the same public IP address. supports access in multiple broadband modes, such as xDSL, Cable Modem, LAN/leased line access. For students who are new to networking devices, they will certainly ask: is a Broadband Router better than a proxy server? What should I pay attention to when selecting a Broadband Router?

Figure 1 broadband routers have become essential devices for small networks

I. Reasons for selection: The Broadband Router is more practical than the Proxy Server

With the popularization of broadband networks, the network era of turtle speed is gone forever. The high-speed network bandwidth has brought us the stimulation of surfing, in addition, the usage of a dedicated bandwidth of several megabytes is very limited in most cases, and the advantages of network resource sharing cannot be realized. As the number of students' computers rapidly increases, Internet sharing has become a problem for many students, many students and friends are seeking for a simple and secure Internet shared connection.

In the past, for many students, in order to share the Internet with their computers, a single computer was usually installed with a dual Nic and used a proxy server.

Using a host to run network sharing software as a server, and connecting clients through hubs and switches, this traditional approach has various drawbacks, such as large investment and high hardware configuration for servers, the network needs to occupy a single machine. The security is low, and the server is vulnerable to attacks online for a long time. It is difficult for Internet computer users to access the Web or FTP servers in the LAN; shared access to LAN/leased line access is not supported.

To this end, we began to look for simpler and more efficient network sharing devices, and broadband routers emerged randomly. Compared with the proxy server, the Broadband Router has the following advantages:

1. simple configuration, no maintenance, and easy management.

2. The price is about 100 RMB). The operation is stable, the bandwidth router is small, and the power consumption is also small. It is suitable for online work after a long period of time and does not occupy space, in addition, it is much cheaper than a high-configuration proxy server or even 16-port switches, saving more electricity each month.

3. Computers are not required as proxy servers, which can effectively save energy and reduce costs, in addition, when a user accesses the internet in the LAN, the connection response speed is significantly faster and the performance is stable than that through the proxy server. Users can share the Internet at any time.

4. Mainstream broadband routers provide 4-8 Ethernet interfaces and switch functions, which can be used to directly connect to multiple computers, reducing investment.

Therefore, broadband routers have become an essential role in Student Dormitory networking, and become the preferred device for Internet shared access for students with the advantages of ease of use, ease of management, and zero maintenance.

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