DOS and command line differences and relationships

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Windows command line and DOS have some similarities, and you can run the old command command in Win7. The Windows2000 system provides users with two command-line windows: Cmd.exe and Cmd.exe is a command line program for Windows Windows, and the process itself is cmd.exe, while is a 16-bit DOS application that runs in the Ntvdm.exe process. But for users, the two commands have similar expenses, and supports previous 16-bit programs.

Unlike DOS, both CMD and command program windows allow users to automatically view and enhance control of the running program. You can configure the options by right-clicking the window title bar and choosing Properties. The command line can be executed by both internal and external commands. Internal commands can be run directly, such as Dir, CD, MD, RD, and so on. Run the help command to view internal commands. Some external commands also need to go into the directory where the command is saved to run, and you can use parameters to execute commands--one of the benefits of running programs with commands. But there are also some external commands that do not need to go into their saved directories, such as Windows comes with some small programs: Notepad, Calculator and so on.

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