Dotmsn opened the source code today and upgraded it to version 2.0 !!

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The best MSN component, dotmsn, was finally available today. Source code.

The version 2.0 just released has made great improvements:
1. introduced the proxy class library developed by the famous, so as to realize the possibility of proxy in the LAN.
2. New P2P Architecture!
3. The original conversion attribute methods of the new switchboard under converation are transformed to the new class.
4. The new example also includes unittest.

After compilationProgramThe size of the set is small. We can see that: 196kb: 86kb, more than doubled: d

We can also note that emoticoncollection is not complete yet, And dnowserialwrapper is not included to estimate the next version.

I have never been able to transfer files. I wonder if you have encountered this situation.

Because of the huge changes, if the original application needs to be upgraded to dotmsn 2.0, a good example is provided.Code.

The example development should be at 1024*768, which makes it really uncomfortable for me to wait for 800*600.

Download here: Workshop.

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