Dotnet2.0 vs dotnet1.1

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I compared it with reflector and found many more things. Let's take a closer look and share them.
1. namespace System
More than 2.0
Microsoft. win32.safehandles
System. configuration. Provider
System. Io. Compression
System. Io. Ports
System. net. Cache
System. net. Mail
System. net. Mime
System. net. networkinformation
System. net. Security
System. runtime. interopservices. comtypes
System. Security. Authentication
System. Windows. Forms
Ii. namespace system. Data
More than 2.0
System. Data. providerbase
It seems that is already very good and there are only a few improvements.
Iii. namespace system. Drawing
There are a lot more things here, and it will be easier for you to write the GDI later.
System. Internal
System. Internal. GDI
System. Windows. Forms
Iv. namespace system. Web
If you have used vmd2005 Express, you will know that there are too many controls in ASP. net2.0. Dozen

Open System. Web. webcontrols. Too many! :) In addition, there are more ...... (For example

System. Web. Administration
System. Web. dataaccess
System. Web. Management
System. Web. Profile
System. Web. UI. adapters
System. Web. UI. Imaging
System. Web. UI. webcontrols. adapters
System. Web. UI. webcontrols. webparts
V. namespace system. Windows. Forms
A lot of improvements
System. Internal. GDI
System. Windows. Forms. buttoninternal
System. Windows. Forms. Layout
System. Windows. Forms. Printing
System. Windows. Forms. visualstyles
6. namespace system. xml
More changes are as follows:
Ms. Internal. schemavalidator
Ms. Internal. xml
Ms. Internal. xml. Cache
Ms. Internal. xml. Query
Ms. Internal. xml. query. xpath
Ms. Internal. xml. query. XQuery
Ms. Internal. xml. query. XSLT
Ms. Internal. xml. xpath
System. xml. Query
System. xml. serialization. Configuration
These are all superficial things, and there may be many internal changes. Let's take a look.

To the power of dotnet2.0.
It is relatively simple. If you have any mistakes or omissions, I hope you can correct them more.

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