DotNetNuke Skinning Whitepaper (Terminology and WIN client program section)

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The term "skinning (skin)" is a difficult language to explain clearly, simply, a skin system to provide you with a static layout, but allows you to modify colors and styles can even use your pictures to replace the original picture, Another skin system allows you to customize the appearance of anything other than content. There is a clear difference between these two tools, and you need to choose the solution that best suits your application based on your business needs.

Windows client program

Skin technology has been in the Windows client program for quite some time, which may make you think it is not necessary to apply the same skin system to your Web application, but the idea proved to be a mistake.

This is because Windows client programs do not have the same requirements as Web applications, and a Windows Client interface can use multiple decomposition techniques without any impact on performance because the user interface of the Windows client program has a long container life cycle. The Web application interface is to assemble and transfer requests for each page of the Web browser, which requires a high-performance performance layer mechanism to meet the requirements of the Web application.

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