Dotnettextbox V3.0 WYSIWYG editor Control for ASP. net2.0 (ver 3.0.1beta)

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Fixed the bug of incomplete display in the mode window of IE6.

English Name:Dotnettextbox V3.0 wyswyg Web Control for ASP. net2.0

Chinese Name:Dotnettextbox V3.0WYSIWYG editor ControlFor ASP. net2.0

Type:Free controls(Copyright reserved)

Author:Xiaobao. NET 2.0 (Terry Deng)

Home page:Http://

Control demo page: Http:// (demo with upload disabled)


 Control introduction:

1) This version is based on ASP. net2.0 technology to rewrite the core architecture of the control, which not only improves the running performance, but also easily implements more powerful functions!

2) supports powerful skin replacement functions, allowing you to easily DIY your own personalized WYSIWYG editor controls!

3) supports custom menu function modules. You can simply configure the config file to DIY your own function menus and add or remove built-in functions of various controls.

4) supports the plug-in function. You can set the corresponding plug-in parameters in the config file of the menu function to add different types of plug-in functions.

5) Powerful upload management function. You can configure the config file to control the upload permissions of different users in detail.

6) You can add text watermarks, image watermarks, and create thumbnails to upload images. You can upload multimedia files for automatic playback.

7) provides nearly 50 online editing functions for users to freely match. By configuring the config file, you can easily create your own editor controls like stacked wood.

8) two preset (default and XP style) Editor skins for your convenience!

9) compared with version 2.0, the new version fixes dozens of bugs and compatibility issues, and improves more than 10 common functions!

10) Free controls, reserved controls for non-profit sites can be used permanently. for profitable sites, please contact the authorized commercial version.

Three major features:
Fully supportedVs2005Design environment, any changes to the control property can be instantly reflected on the design interface!

Powerful upload management functions for images, files, and multimedia!

DotnettextboxControls50The online editing function is provided for users to freely match. With the powerful plug-in Plug-in function, the control has unlimited expansion possibilities.

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