Douban Dom persistent cross-site scripting vulnerability and repair solution

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A csrf cross-site submission and XSS cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in a Douban service.

Some csrf vulnerabilities exist at Douban, most of which are caused by undetected ck values.
If you create a page to submit the parameter name = & blog_id = 9294311 to the interface in the form of POST, you can add a subscription directory in douban9, no ck value is detected to prevent cross-origin submission. in addition, the name value has not been reviewed by html, causing the cross-site scripting vulnerability caused by page rendering when you click the drop-down menu.

This vulnerability may cause harm because the ck value at is stored in the Cookie and is consistent with the ck value at in a session, this can cause csrf attacks to all places where the ck value has been verified in the Douban service.

The csrf cross-site issue is also caused by undetected ck values: j_rename, j_delete_blog, j_delete_dir.

Proof of vulnerability:


On the test page, you can use the Script Form. submit () method to submit data in the POST mode.


Check the correctness of the ck value and filter the input html .:)

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