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Adds a double-click event for each cell when the control is created and marks the row and column number of the cell.

When you double-click a cell, the row number of the cell and the column number are returned as parameters to the server.

The DataGrid is again bound to modify the value of the object cell.

Known problem: When the contents of a cell are enclosed in single quotes ('), the contents are not truncated. But this is not the case when you enter it later.

The tall man knows how to solve, please tell me.

. aspx file, add

Return line number, column number

function Dg_dbclick (Rowid,columnid)


Window. Form1.action= "dbclick.aspx" + "? Rowid= "+rowid+" &columnid= "+columnid;

Window. Form1.submit ();


Returns the modified text

function Txtcell_onchange ()


Window. Form1.ChangeText.value = window. Form1.txtCell.value;


Text Box KeyPress Event

function txtcell_onkeypress ()




. CS file

private void Page_Load (object sender, System.EventArgs e)


Place user code here to initialize page

if (! Page.IsPostBack)


Binddata ();




Row ID

String RowID = request["RowID"] as String;

Column ID

String ColumnID = request["ColumnID"] as String;

Data in a text box

String str = request["Changetext"] as String;

Rebind with row and column IDs

if (RowID!= "" && ColumnID!= "" && str = "")


BINDDATA2 (int. Parse (RowID), Int. Parse (ColumnID));




Update program

Label1.Text = str;




Re-bind a control after you double-click a cell

void BindData2 (int RowID, int ColumnID)


SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection ("server=.;D Atabase=northwind;uid=sa;pwd=angel ");

SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter ("Select Customerid,companyname,contactname,contacttitle,address from Customers ", conn);

DataSet ds = new DataSet ();

Da. Fill (ds, "Customers");

DataTable dt = ds. Tables[0];

DataRow dr = dt. ROWS[ROWID];

String cellvalue = Dr[columnid]. ToString ();

Modify cell contents

Onblur Lose focus




String strText = "<input type=text id= ' Txtcell '

Onblur= ' Javascrite:txtcell_onblur ()

Onkeypress= ' javascript:txtcell_onkeypress () ');




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