Doubts about a woman's journey

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Recently idle to Nothing, and near the new year, thinking about the little baby to buy a gift, tell her to remember to look at the courier. Then the results are very sad, slashing and let me go to the blind date, said marriage the most important, do not think of your work, a talk about these things, I have to shake hands.

Introduction, I come from a small town of ordinary people, no background, family conditions generally, college graduated from Hangzhou after two years of work, at first also want to do two years on the career change, but today, found themselves quite like this line, and work learned a lot of things, and do not want to be a small clerk such sinecure, So still willing to continue my struggle here. Helpless family has been urging their marriage. I am in a bad mood for the two days.

I have considered a lot of these two days, as a girl, in the end is to follow the wishes of parents, marry a parent like the person, or obedient to their inner thoughts, first work for several years, and so have their own capital, their own life, and then let its natural wait for the person they like. But my parents think I'm getting older, and it's important to get married first, but if I go back now and get married, my job or something is over, because my other half certainly doesn't want me to be miles away. The premise is that I can meet a blind date I like the good, the key is I went home last year, I met a blind date really let me no language. I really don't want to go through that painful process this year.

I don't want my life to be broken now, but in my sister's words, you have to come back to reality, I think I am also in reality, I am in the big city honest work, get what I should get, I have what is wrong, do not come from small town people, can not have their own life in the big city, they always feel that, I should go home honestly and be a country housewife. I insisted on my own road has been gone, even if it is lost, I do not regret, at least I tried, if there is no ideal living, that and salted fish what is the difference.

I also have their own ideals, why they do not understand me, must force me to go back to do a person they want to look like. Why they don't support me, don't give me the space I want. Is it true that, as they say, I am naïve in my own mind?

Doubts about a woman's journey

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