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90% parents regret too late to read this article!

After reading the article, the parents said: it changed my many ideas, I only regret too late to read it! I hope that after you have read this article has been harvested, and it is not too late.

OK, let's do the word selection first!

  A, Male: 18-year-old enrolled in the Department of Physics, Peking University, after graduating from the University of Iowa College of Physics and astronomy graduate students. At the age of 28, he received a doctorate from his defense.

  B, boys: Poor peasant children, with excellent results into the provincial key high school, high school performance, was rated provincial Miyoshi students, National Physics Olympiad Second Prize, after the provincial key universities to pursue biological technology major ...

  C, Boys: Junior High School sports performance, by virtue of long-distance running, into the key high school, high-seven-door homework failed to drop out from the school ...

  D, girls: seven-year-old parents divorced, with the mother's life, excellent performance, organizational ability, smoothly into the provincial key high school, from junior high School as the monitor, until high school graduation, the best debate contest in high schools, provincial outstanding student cadres, and classmates teachers rapport, admitted to the Macao University of Science and technology ...

  E, Boys: 4-year-old elected to the Olympic image ambassador, 4-year-old study piano, the teacher from Central Conservatory famous piano Professor Han Jianming, 8-year-old study calligraphy, teacher from Tsinghua University Fang Zhiwen, won countless, 10 years old to join the national ice team, read the middle school and study in the United States ...


Which of these students do you like best? How do you rank according to your liking? Why? At what angle do they stand?

These people are real cases, this is just a brief introduction, one thing to explain: this is only a case, not all of those who have such experience is the case, I just rely on these cases to illustrate the problem we want to explain.

  The first is gang ; (November 1, 1991, Chinese PhD student gang, who attended the University of Iowa in the United States, shot and killed 3 professors and vice-chancellor Ann-Larry and a Chinese student Shan Linhua, who also received a PhD from gang, after shooting five people, Gang immediately shot suicide shooting incident).

  The second place is Ma Jiajue;

  The third place is Han.

  The fourth place is a key middle school student , is also a real case, a very good girl, the organization ability is very strong, very will get along with the person, the popularity also is very good, is the whole school teacher and the parents recognized good student, at that time her mother is to do for the outstanding graduate parents in the university to make the speech.

Who did not think, in the eyes of this excellent child actually jumped suicide, when the news to the school, the children's classroom teachers, principals and so are very affected, they feel that their education is a failure.

  The fifth place is the son of Li Shuangjiang Li Tian-i.

  let children learn ahead of time, avoid "lose in the starting line", but contrary to the law of learning, the final result is not only the competition in the fast and slow problems, but the direction of running or running against the problem.

Baby, you take it slow. You are unique, different, and you have the right to grow with your own mind.

Baby, you take it slow. Spring blossoms, autumn turns out, ripening takes time. Little Prodigy and Little Superman's life, not everything leading.

Life is not a sprint, is not a long-distance race, is a marathon-marathon never false start, because will never "lose in the starting line." So baby, you gotta take it slow!

Allow your child to grow up and stop believing in the "winning the starting line" lie! This is probably the most anxious, the least slow to come.

Children have their own laws of growth, such as 3-year-old is the intuitive thinking period, 5-year-old only in the image, large-class children began to appear in the bud of logical thinking, 8-12 years is the best memory period.


A study has shown that children who know more Chinese characters in preschool, first-year languages lead other children, but in the second grade, the level is flat with other children.

In painting, for example, 8-year-olds can observe the imitation according to the adult's view, before the child's drawing is just the self-expression of intuition thinking.

Let too small children learn painting skills, tell children the sun should be round, the clouds should be white, and do not say this is the containment of imagination, at least a waste of time.

"The Education of fine arts is deeply affected by these pre-test education in the society." 8 Strokes of apples, a few tone color, the purpose is to test, "Tsinghua University of Fine arts Professor Fang in an academic conference, the direct consequence is the ability of students to raise, weak expression ability, of course, can not master."

Preschool experts say, now many children three years old began to learn roller skating, in fact, the child's skeleton is not well developed, roller skating will hurt the body. Too early to learn ballet is the same, the child's periosteum and so on are challenges.

"Don't let the children lose in the starting line, is a shrewd businessman invented a slogan," Experts said, "Parents are kidnapped by the college entrance examination can be forgiven, but if the ads around is too unqualified." ”

The mission of interest classes is to send children to prestigious schools. Children are versatile, but they do not enjoy their hobbies.

"A lot of piano class 10 kids swear never to touch the piano again, they don't think music is a lifelong companion, because music takes away the time they play." "A teacher who teaches piano is helpless," said the man.

  "Sometimes just because it's too early and too urgent, parents kill the child's interest." " A primary school principal told a student's personal experience," the child came to register, asked me, your school should not learn Olympiad, I said do not learn.

She patted her hands and said it was great, and I tried to vomit when I heard the number. By the middle school, the teacher found her mathematical talent, began to let her contact Olympiad, finally the child is very fascinated by the Olympiad, won the jackpot. ”

Also Learning Olympiad children, a group of children have participated in the International Olympic Games and won the first prize, when the return of the honor, the Director of education in charge of basic Educational department, the deputy director of the children to talk about the speech, a child said, "I will never touch the Austrian number in my life." ”


The education sector has recognized the serious consequences of advanced education and intensified education. Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the 3-6-year-old children's Guide to learning and development, openly solicit views from all sectors of society.

The guide is a very specific list of learning and development goals for children of all ages. For example, 5~6岁 preschool children, only "can be carried out by physical operation or other methods within 10 of the addition and subtraction", and did not indicate that the age of children must read, only "in reading books and life situations in the text symbols interested in, know the meaning of the words".

Experts believe that the main purpose of the guide is to curb "destructive enthusiasm".

In fact, in many countries, advanced education is forbidden. Scholar Yang Pechang recently wrote the German constitution prohibits preschool education, do not take the brain of children as hard disk.

He said that many countries in Europe have similar legislation, Germany even put this article into the Basic Law, prohibit parents in kindergarten teaching outside the classroom to give children a lesson.

  "It's very inhumane to let the kids get into the fast lane from the start. Yang Pechang said that Germany's education is a gradual acceleration of the practice: kindergartens do not learn professional knowledge, but to teach some basic moral ethics, learn to get along with people, the important task is to have fun.

Elementary school is only learning some very simple knowledge (for Chinese primary schools), to the middle school to start to enter the running channel, but still jogging. Because Germany does not have a unified college entrance examination, so the student pressure is not too big.

Only when the university, the real adult, began to enter the fast lane. At this time, finally have the competition, also shows the difference between each person.

"If you start running from kindergarten, you need to run a few years of kindergarten, 12 of primary and secondary schools, then the university will be exhausted, we all want to take a rest breath." Therefore, you look at the development of Chinese college students lack of stamina, the reason is here. "Yang Pechang said.


Finally, let's answer a few more questions:

1. Why are we having children?

2. What kind of child do we need to be a parent?

3. What kind of education should we give to our children? What is the most important education for children? Or what is the core of education?

4. What is the most missing education for children at present?

Let children happy and happy is the common wish of every parents, but in the process of children's growth, with our utilitarian heart constantly expanding, put their unfinished wish to entrust to the children to let the child for you to complete.

Because your work is not satisfactory, you must let your child in the future to surpass you, see the neighbor's children admitted to the key high school, you are busy to give the children to the Austrian number of classes, see colleagues home of the children admitted to Tsinghua University, you are busy looking for teachers to give children tuition.

  let children lose their childhood, loss of happiness, loss of freedom, loss of health, ultimately unbearable stress, take the most extreme approach: Destroy yourself! Until then everything is too late!

So, let the children happy, healthy growth is our hope for the children, so the exam is not important! Let children cherish life, not only cherish their lives, but also cherish the lives of others.

  so living is the most beautiful thing, no matter what kind of things and life compared to everything is "floating clouds", healthy and happy life is the most important thing.

Again with you to share the famous CCTV host gifts in the microblog, to encourage:"maintenance of their own body, old don't give children trouble." Educate your own children, big don't give social trouble. "

Download: 90% Parents regret too late to read this article

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