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Download and install the CodeIgniter framework. Download and install the CodeIgniter framework. codeigniter framework CodeIgniter is an application development framework and toolkit for PHP website developers. After learning Php for the first time, I searched the internet for the download and installation of many CodeIgniter frameworks.

CodeIgniter is an application development framework and toolkit for PHP website developers. After learning Php for the first time, I searched a lot of php frameworks online and finally chose CodeIgniter. This section describes how to download and install the CodeIgniter framework.

Installation environment: php5 + mysql6.5 + iis7

My computer is used to write documents for office work. I don't want to change the Windows 7 system, so I installed iis7that comes with Windows 7.

Php download is the latest php-5.3.28-nts-Win32-VC9-x86

Mysql is also the latest download.





Of course, I configured it in a windows environment. I need to download the software of the relevant version in windows. if it is linux, I need to download the software supported by this system.

Well, let's not talk about it. let's start to install it. after installing it, we will explore it step by step. First of all, I am a newbie. please correct me if there are many mistakes. I am mainly working on non-IT, not often updated, occasionally resting, and reading books.

Step 1: Download codeigniter, which is a compressed package. Decompress the package as follows:

There are mainly these three files, and the application folder is the application folder, which mainly contains the M-model folder related to MVC,

The V-view folder, C-controller folder, and some configuration files will be discussed later.

System file is the core file of the system folder and CI (CodeIgniter.

User_guide is an offline user help document for easy query. However, they are all in English. for children's shoes with poor English skills, go to Baidu and download a Chinese document. My learning mainly relies on help documents. The help document is a good thing. One thing is to select this framework, because it is very convenient to help you learn with detailed help documents.

Step 2: This is also a key step. Put the folder in the root directory of the website. A lot of online materials only refer to the root directory. new users like me don't even know the root directory.

Next I will share with you the root directory. If I install iis, the root directory is the iis installation directory. For other web servers, the root directory is the installation directory of the web server. For example, open iis, right-click, browse, and open the root directory. (no software is used. I will use a large image for the moment. next time I will try to learn how to do it)

Step 3: The key step is doomed to fail.

Copy the downloaded file to the so-called root directory. I changed the name of this folder to php, mainly for convenience, because the access address must be configured. Easy to enter the address.

Step 4: most importantly, configure

Open the application/config. php file. Note: You can use notepad, notpad ++, and other editors to open the php file, which is convenient and easy to save.

Configure these two items: Mark 1 to configure the website you want to visit. I configured http: // localhost/php, and localhost is local. You can also write it as http: // If you have a server, you need to write the domain name of your server. /Php is the downloaded CodeIgniter folder I just copied. I changed the folder name to php to facilitate access. php is shorter than CodeIgniter.

Mark 2 index. php is configured for download. if it is not configured, you can configure it as index. php, indicating that you enter http: //, the index is automatically opened. php file.

Step 5: configure the server and database. I use mysql

Open the file application/config/database. php

Configure the user name, password, and database name of your server. For example:

This figure is not explained. everyone knows that it is a beginner who knows what to fill in when reading English.

Okay, it's over.

Enter http: // in the browser to see the welcome page of index. php.

Welcome ...................


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CodeIgniter is an application development framework and toolkit for PHP website developers. I searched a lot online when I first learned Php...

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