Download Android x86 source code under ubuntu12.0.4

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1. Install ubuntu12.0.4 on a 20 GB hard drive

2. Load the GB hard disk and format it. Create the androidx86 directory. Mount a GB hard disk to the androidx86 directory.

Sudo passwd Root

Su Root

3. CD androidx86

4. mkdir Bin

5. Download Repo

* ***** Introduction to many websitesCurl> ~ /Bin/RepoDownload Repo. This is an early path and is no longer available.

* ***** If the following prompt appears, this early repo is used.


./Bin/repo: Line 1: The unexpected symbol 'newline' is near a syntax error./bin/repo: Line 1: '<! Doctype HTML public "-// IETF // dtd html 2.0 // en">'



Correct use (this is the download method provided by the android website)

$ curl > ~/bin/repo$ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo


6. No curl command is prompted. Use apt-Get install curl to install curl. Chmoda + x bin/repo change mode.

7. Execute bin/repo init-u

Fatal: 'git 'is not available

8. Install git. Apt-Get install git

Execute 7 again. Start source code synchronization.

The following error occurs. Because Ping different in China ....)


Curl: (6) couldn't resolve host 'git'
Error: Couldn't resolve host 'git 'while accessing
Fatal: http request failed


Edit file/etc/hosts add (this IP is an IP obtained through the Server Ping in Japan)



9. Execute again 7

The following error occurs:


Error: manifest required for this command -- please run init


The system prompts you to add the-B parameter.

10. Visit

[Source code tags and builds] The tag in the following table is the-B parameter.

Run bin/repo init-u android-4.2.2_r1



* [New branch] jb-x86-> origin/jb-x86
Error: Revision android-4.2.2_r1 in manifests not found
Run bin/repo init-u jb-x86 again

Prompt username and email

11. bin/repo sync

Start source code synchronization.

It will take a long time .......


No. The added-J parameter supports multi-thread bin/repo sync-J 10.

Ah .. The speed is completely different. (The 10 m network function can finally be reflected)


You can't wait. Go to bed...


PS: the download is complete. It uses 12 GB hard disk space.




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