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Free anti-virus software is becoming more and more popular. I have discovered several free anti-virus software in the past few days. The younger brother did not dare to enjoy the free anti-virus software. I have listed them and shared them with you. Below are seven of the best free anti-virus software, suppose you like it! Pai_^



1. Microsoft Security Essentials for anti-virus software

This is the latest version of anti-virus software of Microsoft, which is very popular recently. Some people who have used it say it is very good. I haven't had time to use it after installation, and I don't know how it works.



2. comodo: Free anti-virus software for life

Comodo's hips and firewalls are universally recognized to effectively intercept malware and virus infections and networking. Comodo provides the highest level of protection to block attacks by hackers and Trojans. The Simplified Chinese interface is officially supported.

Comodo has full control over all software licenses from the underlying layer and asks about the network permissions, so that even if the trojan is running, it cannot be connected to the outside!
Comodo comes with a traffic monitor to see if anyone is attacking you or stealing data. It comes with a Process Manager to see the corresponding file path of each active process.
Of course, sometimes comodo is too cautious, so it will expose some files to false positives. In this case, just add them? Agree to the queue.

CNET download:

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) combines comodo's sturdy firewalland state-of-the-art antivirus protection in one suite. defends your pcagainst 1 billion executables including viruses, root kits, Trojans, and zero-day attacks. and even with all these great features, CIS isfree.


3. free version of Norton Antivirus Software

The free version of Norton Antivirus software does not provide the real-time monitoring function, but it can detect and disinfect viruses and upgrade the virus database.

Download: /...

The Norton Security Scan and clean application will provide freeOn-demand scanning and removal or repair of viruses, spyware, and othersecurity risks. this tool is not intended to be a replacement forcontinuous, real-time protection from the latest security risks

Norton Security Scan and clean uses Symantec virus definitions toscan your computer for the latest security risks. virus Definitions areautomatically updated when your computer is connected to the Internet. you will also receive Norton Security Scan and clean product updatesthrough the internet.


4. pandatv anti-virus software (panda cloud Antivirus)

Panda Security, a famous European security company, has spent three years developing a free cloud computing-based anti-virus software panda cloudantivirus, which uses panda's cloud computing technology: Integrated Artificial Intelligence, to detect viruses, malware, rootkit, and enlightening viruses. Different from traditional antivirus software, pandatv antivirus software can use each machine to detect viruses and collect and organize a more complete virus database.

Download: /...


5. threatfire personal free version

Threatfire can detect malicious behaviors when installing malicious programs, and it is faster than Norton antibot and spy sweeper. The free version can detect and kill various viruses, Trojans, and rookit worms and cache overflow. With the real-time protection function, you can upgrade the virus database and customize advanced rules.

Official download: tfinstall.exe

"Threatfire 3's ability to block installation of malware strictlyby identifying bad behavior is phenomenal. it did a better (and faster) job than Norton antibot and even beat out spy sweeper, our currenteditors 'choice for signature-based anti-spyware. this free tool is anexcellent addition to your security arsenal."


6. Kaspersky official free version (Kaspersky virus removal tool)

The Kaspersky virus removal tool interface is simple and supports installation in secure mode (even if your machine has been infected). It can detect and kill various viruses, Trojans, worms, and rookit for free, the same does not provide the real-time detection function.

Kaspersky®Virus removal tool is an utility designed to remove alltypes of infections from your computer. Kaspersky®Virus removal toolimplies valid tive algorithms of detection used by Kaspersky Anti-virusand avz antiviral toolkit.


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Download 7 of the best free anti-virus software

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