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I used xcode4.3.2 and deleted all the previous xcode versions.

Then I tried to simulate the network environment but didn't want to install xode4.1. So I searched the world for a long time and finally found a solution ..

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To put it simply, open xcode and go to the xocde menu.Find the open developer tool and open more developer tools...

Download "Hardware Io tools for xcode ".

This tool is in this bag, so you don't have to go to the huge xocde4.1 .. 

The following information about this tool is available on the Internet.

In xcode 4.1, the Development Kit for Mac OS X lion has a new tool called network link conditioner (network connection regulator). It is a highly customizable auxiliary tool,Allows users to simulate a large number of network connections and bandwidth under Different Conditions. For Mac and iOS developers, this tool is very useful and can be easily tested.ProgramIn different network environments. It is also useful for IT administrators, network administrators, and Web developers.

To use network link conditioner, you must first download and install xcode 4.1 (click to open the Mac App Store download page). The system version must be at least Mac OS X 10.7. After the installation is complete, find it in "/application/utility/network link Conditioner. Run "network link conditioner. prefpane", which is automatically added to system preference settings.

Now you can use this network simulator tool. Simply looking at its interface is enough to understand how to use it. Select a configuration file for the bandwidth setting and switch it to the on position. The default configuration files include:

  • 3G-normally, the connection is in good condition or lossy network
  • Cable Modem
  • DSL
  • Edge-normally, the connection is in good condition or lossy network
  • WiFi-normally, the connection is in good condition or lossy network

To simulate more different network conditions, click the lock icon in the lower left corner and enter a password to unlock the lock. Click "manage profiles" to add, delete, and modify the configuration file. Each configuration file includes upstream and downstream bandwidth, packet loss rate, and even DNS latency values.

If you are a developer, Network Administrator, or only need to perform a network capability test, such as testing the performance of an iPhone application, remote network connection, or website construction, try this tool.




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