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Software Introduction: The IM software used by oak shadow to communicate with friends-"album art 1.0" 1. the most attractive thing is that you can send text messages for free, which is very helpful for movie friends to notify each other during activities. aliyuntong is a green software with 700 KB of memory consumption. it is easy to use and requires no complicated registration. The system will automatically assign you a number 4. the number of chat groups is unlimited. You can view the latest posts on the corresponding page in real time in the group without logging on to the website, for example, you can click "circle channel" in the group to view the latest posts of Yangjiang club 5. how fast is the transfer speed between friends? 288kb/s? 6. The software is completely free of charge and will be continuously upgraded based on the requirements of the video friends.

You do not need to register or send the email directly. The test is successful on the mobile phone of the user and his friends. It must be noted that "the recipient receives the text message number 55555519967001482, and all the sent content can be received, the text "photography answers PM" is behind the content. If you continue to send text messages, click "switch to contact" next to the third circle, and there is a "tq sms robot" in it. Right-click to expand the menu and click "send SMS.

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