Download the position of the ebook from the "Hide House"

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Written in front of the wrangling

Why the title of the "Hide House" with the quotation marks, because the leather House ( for various reasons have been away from us ... On Singles Day this year ...

So here by the way to cherish the memory of the house, I have also been there a lot of books (although not to see how much), I also uploaded books up.
Moreover, I recently created a blog in a paper analysis of the registration code of the leather house, let me experience the fun of programming, so I have a preference for this site, and it did not disappoint me, the book is very much:-), almost responsive.

thanks for the company.

No, I don't want to be a long-winded.
Here is the text.

The topic of this article is: How to download this can not be seen in the book of the House of the leather house.

Method of the Body 1

After the leather house announced to stop the service, some Daniel began to take action to save it, they climbed all the books down, and then opened a tor of the hidden services, in order to avoid them again harmony, I will simply, address see:
(PS: Seemingly need FQ, although the search effect is good, but very slow ... Recommended first try the following method)

Method of the Body 2

This is the focus of this article!
We need to use a Daniel to sort out the Excel table, there are more than 12,000 ed2k links, in order to ed2k the form of resources, so it will always exist in the network, and 90% of ed2k can use Thunderbolt offline seconds to kill. Daniel is really tall.

1. Download the form:
    1. Dial/s/1pjx8raz password pt9t
    2. Dial/s/1pjnz4dl password jmkw
    3. On the safe side: Dial/s/1pj0qh7t password 32s5
    4. Spare tire: Dial/s/1ddrnd7r password qk04

There are. xls and. xlsx, two copies of the content, if the package is compressed, the password is Ppurl, are compressed with 7zip.

2. Extracting information from the link

Just get this form will make people feel no way, how to find the book you want from inside.
In fact, there is already a link inside the information you want.

Let's take a link from the inside to see:

[Plain]View Plain copy print?
    1. ed2k://|file| Sun%20certified%20enterprise%20architect%20for%20java%20ee%20study%20guide%2c%202nd%20edition%20%5bprentice%  20hall%5d%282010-01-29%29.pdf|2384144|7e2be401bcb122684cae052f6cf61e8f|h=cqbtsc5iosjesbrolx5ykq3br724ti4h|/
This inside from file| Start, go to the next | The end, is the file name of this file, we extract it out to see: [Plain]View Plain copy print?
    1. sun%20certified%20enterprise%20architect%20for%20java%20ee%20study%20guide%2c%202nd%20edition%20% 5bprentice%20hall%5d%282010-01-29%29.pdf
is it feel like a file name, there are some words or something.
In fact, this is the URL encoded, and then we have to turn it back, looking for an online transcoding to the next line, here casually find Http:// to use.
Copy the contents to the right box on the page and selectencodeURIComponentthen click the URL to decode the line,

The decoding result is:

[Plain]View Plain copy print?
    1. Sun certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide, 2nd Edition [Prentice Hall] (2010-01-29). pdf
So we can read the information from a link.3. Search for the book you are looking for

Now that we know how the information in the link is stored, we can then find what we want from the form.

For example, you want to search <professional JavaScript for Web developeers 3rd edition> this book.
Intercept a piece as a keyword: JavaScript for Web, then go to transcoding, paste to left selection encodeURIComponent then dot URL code,

Get: Javascript%20for%20web is the keyword in the ed2k link, now open the table, press Ctrl+f, enter this string of characters, return search on the line.

Find a link:

[Plain]View Plain copy print?
    1. ed2k://|file| professional%20javascript%20for%20web%20developers%20%5bwrox%20press%5d%282020-05%29.pdf|9710833|  35c1ad5883f630b217baba47c7bfbbe9|h=jt4ysbokgccycqy6clsjtncmfrj2t6eq|
According to what I just said, decode the book's title and find it Professional JavaScript for WEB developers [Wrox Press] (2020-05). pdf, this is the first edition, not the third version we are looking for, then look it up in the form.

I looked for several times, respectively found the first version, the second edition, the third edition of the book, are the text version of the:-).
You can also look for it, hope you can find the book you want:-P.

PS: In fact, every time you have to open the page to transcode very troublesome, I was directly take out a section as a key word, and then put the space inside for%20 to search.

This article only provides how to extract their interest from the table of the leather house, and does not want you to download pirated electronic books, please support the genuine. :-)

Download the position of the ebook from the "Hide House"

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