Download the program from arm with TFTP server in Ubuntu 11.10

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Update: Supplement 1: Xinetd cannot be set up.

Sudo apt-Get install tftpd-hpa tftp-HPA

The configuration file is as follows:
$ CAT/etc/default/tftpd-HPA

Tftp_username = "TFTP"
Tftp_directory = "/home/tonyho/tftpboot"
Tftp_address = " 69"
Tftp_options = "-l-C-s"

Then, follow the steps below to restart and test the service.

Supplement 2:
Install the GUI tool.

Install the tftpgui Web site:

After downloading the above software, first install the idle (using Python 3.2) of python3, which can be directly installed in the software-center.

Decompress the above tftpgui and enter the decompressed Folder:

$ Sudo python3 tftpgui. py
You can.

Supplement 3:
Test the preceding TFTP server from the uboot of the arm board.

This depends on the TFTP test item in uboot. Use a network cable to directly connect the Development Board and PC without a router.

Set the IP address of the PC:

$ Sudo ifconfig etho

You do not need to set it. Generally, the default value is If not, change it.

In Linux, the serial port software can use securecrt or gtkterm of Linux:

------------------------------ The following is the old content --------------------------


The procedure for setting up TFTP is as follows:

1. Install the TFTP server and client, and xinetd.
Sudo apt-Get install xinetd tftpd-hpa tftp-HPA
2. xinetd will create the directory/etc/xinetd. d/and create a new file tftpd in this directory.
Sudo touch tftpd
3. Edit sudo gedit/etc/xinetd. d/tftpd and add the following content:
Service tftp
Disable = No
Socket_type = dgram
Wait = No
User = root
Protocol = UDP
Server =/usr/sbin/in. tftpd
Server_args =-S/home/uname/tftpboot
Log_on_success = PID host duration
Log_on_failure = Host

Note:/home/hacker/tftpboot is the root directory of your TFTP.
4. Create a TFTP root directory
Sudo mkdir/home/uname/tftpboot
Modify permissions
Sudo chmod 777/home/uname/tftpboot
5. Modify the/etc/inetd. conf file.
Sudo gedit/etc/inetd. conf
Modify the following line
TFTP dgram udp wait root/usr/sbin/in. tftpd/usr/sbin/in. tftpd-S/var/lib/tftpboot
TFTP dgram udp wait root/usr/sbin/in. tftpd/usr/sbin/in. tftpd-S/home/uname/tftpboot

6. Modify/etc/default/tftpd-HPA

Sudo gedit/etc/default/tftpd-HPA
Modify the content as follows:
# Defaults for tftpd-HPA
Run_daemon = "yes"

Options = "-l-S/home/uname/tftpboot"

7. Restart the service

Sudo service tftpd-HPA restart

Sudo service xinetd restart

========================================================== ======================================

Then create a new hello in tftpboot:

# Touch hello

# Sudo chmod 777 hello

Then go to another directory and test:


If not

# Sudo apt-Get install inetutils-inetd

Now we can:

========================================================== ========================================================== ======================================

OK. Test the arm Board: (using the gtkterm software)



A Gui TFTP server software:


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