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[Download] the virtual desktop software comes from the Microsoft team-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Virtual desktops, which have been used in Linux systems, are well known and feature-specific. I have hardly seen any release that has no virtual desktop functionality. compiz brings the virtual desktop feature to the extreme. You may have seen the 3D features of Linux, such as cube desktop, which consists of four virtual desktops. virtual desktops are also available on Mac.

A virtual desktop does not divide a desktop into n copies, but has n desktops of the same size as the display. The program runs independently on each desktop without the limitation of the display size. Hot keys are used to switch between desktops, generally 2 ~ The four desktops are like connecting multiple monitors at the same time:

(The function is quite immature and does not support window management, such as moving a window to a desktop. And. Each virtual desktop has a assumer.exeoh, and the memory usage is 4 times the memory occupied by the original assumer.exe. That is to say, it usually requires about 80 mb of memory, excluding the memory occupied by the main program. It doesn't seem worth it. Linux virtual desktops barely occupy the memory .)

If you want to try it out and the memory is enough, we recommend that you download the trial:

About: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/cc817881.aspx

Download: http://download.sysinternals.com/Files/Desktops.zip (62KB)
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