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Configuration required when using the Doxygen document development tool:

The executable file doxygen is the main tool used to analyze and generate the original code. Please refer to the Doxygen usage chapter for more detailed help.
Doxytag executable file-it is only a reference document for doxygen documents that help programmers to generate project deployment information without looking at the original code (for example, documents generated using doxygen ). see the Doxytag usage section for more help.
The doxywizard executable file is easy to use. It is a graphical tool used to provide configuration information for the doxygen tool.
The following figure shows the relationship between development tools:

Figure: Doxygen information flow

Step 1: Create a configuration file
Doxygen uses a configuration file to determine all its settings. Each project should have its own configuration file.
A project can have only one original file, or a tree view of the original file obtained by recursive scanning of all original files in the project.
To simplify doxygen configuration file generation, doxygen provides you with a templated configuration file.
1. To create a templated configuration file, you only need to call doxygen and input-g from the command line:
Doxygen-g <config-file>
<Config-file> indicates the name of a templated configuration file. if you omit the file name, doxygen will generate a default Doxyfile configuration file for you. if <config-file> is an existing file name, doxygen generates a <config-file> file before generating the configuration template. bak backup file.
2. If you use-(for example, minus sign) as the file name doxygen, the text you input from the keyboard will be treated as the configuration file name.
The configuration file is in a similar format as Makefile. It mainly includes many "tags ):
For example:
When generating a document template, you can use the default (that is, retain most of the TAGS). For more information, see the Configuration section.
If you do not want to use a text editing tool to write a configuration file, you should take a look at the description in the doxywizard Chapter. It is a graphical tool that can be used to create/read/write doxygen configuration documents, it can also configure the full path in the path to make doxygen work normally.
3. for a C/C ++ project consisting of a few original files and header files, you can keep the INPUT mark as "null ", then, doxygen searches for the original file in the current path.
4. if your project is very large, you should put the "root directory" of your project file behind the INPUT flag. Files to be added to the project should be placed after the FILE_PATTERNS mark (for example :*. cpp *. h ). only files that match at least one item can be read and analyzed by The doxygen program (if this setting is omitted, the format in the doxygen configuration list will be used ).
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