Dpkg: Another process has locked the status database.

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When sudo apt-Get install XXX is executed:

E: unable to obtain the lock/ VaR/Lip/dpkg/lock-open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)
E: The management directory cannot be locked (/ VaR/Lib/dpkg/), are other processes occupying it?
Error Because ubuntu can only run one apt-get at a time, that is to say, UBUNTU cannot install multiple apps, but can only run one at a time. Analysis
  • Are you installing other software? Including one of the following situations
  1. Double-click the Deb package and the package is being installed.
  2. Powered by Xinli
  3. Open the Ubuntu Software Center
  4. The apt-GET command is executed somewhere.
  5. The aptitude command is executed somewhere.
  6. Run the dpkg command somewhere.
  • Updating system?
  1. Updating system?
  2. The apt-Get update command is executed somewhere.
  3. The update manager is running and is currently inApplication updateProgress.
  • The execution process is stuck and the process is not finished.
  • In the first two cases of the above analysis, it is best to wait for the Operation to complete.
  • In the third case, you can select the following two solutions:
  1. You can restart the system;
  2. Run sudo RM/var/lib/dpkg/lock
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