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Before using the WinXP system, want to maximize the desktop window, be sure to find the window to the top right corner of the maximum button; Open a pile of windows, want to find her, really want to take out "everyone to pick fault" good eyesight; if you want to compare two documents, it's not easy to drag the window exactly. Can be in the Win7 system, easily drag and drop the mouse, press a few keys, these desktop window to arrange what all the arrangement, and, some things closed eyes can handle it!

Drag-and-drop left-right drag-and-drop window right side


If you want to restore the original window position, hold down the window and drag it in the opposite direction.

Drag and drop drag down full screen restore

Use the mouse to hold down the window on the border, straining to the top drag, touch the top of the window, release the mouse, wow plug! The window is maximized directly!

To restore the original window, press and hold the full screen window on the top border, drag a little down, release the mouse window to recover. Isn't it a little bit of magic?

Hover over the other window all stealth

Too many desktop Windows affect your view? Use the mouse to hold the most important window on the top of the border, the left and right dangling, haha! All other windows are minimized, and only this window is left on the desktop! The other windows are back again.

Show Desktop methods you can do more with your eyes closed.

The "Show desktop" button in the XP system everyone is familiar with the Win7 "Show desktop" button where? haha! Right in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop, the right side of the system time, this location is too convenient. Use the mouse casually to drag on the bottom right, do not need to look carefully, do not have to worry about the delayed other buttons.

Computer knowledge

When the mouse is moved to the "Show desktop" button in the lower-right corner of the Win7 desktop, all the Windows on the Win7 desktop become transparent, leaving only the border lines and the desktop in a glance. This is the Win7 system of the famous Aero desktop effects Oh! Move the mouse, the desktop window will automatically recover.

The shortcut key for this feature is "Win + SPACEBAR".

If you press the mouse at the lower-right corner of the Win7 desktop, all the Windows will be minimized all of the moment. Press the mouse again and all the windows are restored. You can operate with your eyes closed!

This feature also has a shortcut key-"Win + D".

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