Dragon Grain Design 2.0-studio Flash site Revision

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The dragon Grain Design website has finally been built. It is really a test of human patience to make a pure flash station. The dragon grain network uses a lot of software for production, including 3 dmas, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and sanjianke, the coordinate positioning and wired animation effects in the screen are all written in ActionScript, and XML + ASP is used in the background. I was quite impressed by the dragon logo design. As the website building process deepens and learns, its own technology has also improved a lot.




This is the website's


The two are dragon-grain V1.0 pages. As technology increases, I can no longer see V1.0. Because it is too personal, it can be said if it is a personal site, but if it is a studio website, it is still the most appropriate for concise Enterprise style, which is the reason why we have to change the version.

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