Dragon4444 ransomware suffix. dragon4444 ransomware file repair and decryption

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Dragon4444 ransomware suffix. dragon4444 ransomware file repair and decryption

* *** Dragon4444 ransomware is solvable
Dog4444 ransomware Solution
Snak4444 ransomware Solution
Rooster4444 ransomware Solution
Tiger4444 ransomware Solution

China's ×××remote operations can be paid at least one hour after successful operation

Decryption success rate: ----- No. 1 decryption in China

Service method: National XXX ----- China 1 decryption

Invoice: regular company XXX ----- China No. 1 decryption

Company qualification: data restoration association member organization, more than 8 years of processing experience-China No. 1 decryption

Ransomware success stories: over 300 cases every year ----- China 1 decryption

Unsuccessful charging: no charge. ----- China 1 decryption

Service content: including application, OA, finance, Kingdee, yonyou, and ERP Database documents.
Contract: sign a service contract

Value-added services: Secure disaster recovery and Backup Settings.

Case study: a finance engineer in a Guangzhou Company found that the financial software could not be opened and added the filename suffix. dragon4444, suspected to be a ransomware virus. After a friend introduced us to contact us No. 1 for decryption, our engineers went to the company's site to confirm that the dragon4444 ransomware was detected, the owner immediately signed a data repair contract with the engineer, and the engineer carried out the decryption work overnight. The financial system went to work the next day and was used normally, which was recognized by the customer. Blackmail virus decryption-we are professional ....

Virus Defense

1. patch your computer in time to fix vulnerabilities.

2. Regular non-local backup of important data files.

3. Do not click attachments from unknown sources or download software from unknown websites.

4. disable unnecessary file sharing permissions whenever possible.

5. Change the account password and set a strong password to avoid using a unified password, because a unified password will lead to one attack and multiple attacks.

6. The gandcrab ransomware uses RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). If you do not need RDP in your business, we recommend that you disable RDP. When such an event occurs, we recommend that you use the Sangfor firewall or the micro-isolation function of the terminal detection and response platform (EDR) to block ports such as 3389 to prevent proliferation!

Dragon4444 ransomware suffix. dragon4444 ransomware file repair and decryption

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