Draw "pen" with "pen"-photoshop make lifelike dip water pen

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Dip Water Pen Final draw effect:

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1. Create a new 600*600 canvas.

2. Use the Pen tool to draw the tip of the pen with the water dip. The path is shown in Figure A1. The path is then converted to a selection, with the foreground color 30% gray and populated. Effect as shown in Figure A2.

Figure A1

Figure A2

3. The next step for the nib to increase the texture of the initial, using the "deepening tool" will increase the edge, deepen. Parameters are: range of high light, 69%, the size of the brush in accordance with the circumstances of the custom. Then use the "shallow tool" to polish the center part of the nib. Parameters: Range of high light intensity 34%, brush size should not be too large in about 20-30. After the smear effect as shown in Figure A3.

Figure A3

4. Continue to add details to the nib, the effect as shown A4. The bottom of the nib part of the basic finished, the following restructuring as the pen.

Figure A4

5. Still use a pen to outline the path, and then converted to a selection, using color bc803c fill, the effect is as A5 figure.

Figure A5(click on the picture to enlarge the view)

6. Use the "burn tool" to deepen the surrounding pen. Parameters are: Range: High light, other custom. Then duplicate the layer, using the filter-noise-add noise, and its parameters are: 10%, distribution: Gaussian distribution, monochrome. Then use "Filter"-"blur"-"motion blur", and the argument is: angle 0 distance 14 pixels. The final effect is as shown in Figure A6.

Figure A6(click on the picture to enlarge the view)

7. Add high light for the pen, select the pen in the layer, CTRL + the left mouse button, the pen as a selection, and then a new layer, using the "gradient tool", the foreground color is white, from bottom to right drag and drop. Effect as shown in Figure A7. The transparency of this layer is then reduced to 28%. Create a new layer, use a pen to tick the path of A8, and then convert to a selection, using the "select"-Feather feather value of 3. Then fill in white and adjust the transparency of this layer according to your personal situation. (can also be published in accordance with the report of the 30-year display of the high light production method) after the nib and the pen to connect, the effect of the figure A9.

Figure A7

Figure A8

Figure A9
8. Make the ink that remains on the nib. Creates a new layer that is above the tip layer. Use the Brush tool to select the brush with the ink splash brush, as shown in Figure B1. Then the foreground color is defined as 163880, a few more points on the tip of the pen, but not too strong, then see the extra parts removed, the blending mode of this layer is defined as "multiply", transparency 91%. Effect as shown in Figure B2.

Figure B1

Figure B2

9. Merge all layers In addition to the background layer, adding a shadow to the pen to make it more stereoscopic. Then use the color balance setting in the Create on fill or adjust layer as shown in Figure B3. Then use the "levels" setting as shown in Figure B4. This is almost done, we can add a little more modifier, I later made an origami plane and an envelope on top, make the surface more compact. The final effect is as shown in Figure B5.

Figure B3

Figure B4

(Author: Anshan Jia Jinghai)

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