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There is no difference between dream and life. After a moment of joy, it suddenly becomes cold again. I turned up my collar and couldn't help pouring it into my neck. How is it faster? How is it like a person's mood. When I got used to the regular days, I suddenly remembered a person who couldn't help but want to see her, wanted to talk to her, and secretly fantasized on the street. You can think of every wonderful moment, smile casually, and then be woken up by the headlights when crossing the road. Life is a dream. Most of the time, I don't know how to live. Some people are too quiet, some are too full, some are too painful, some are too busy, so that when he is awakened by a certain moment of emotion, he finds that he is just like a dream, the wonderful life you expected has passed. You are too real, but you do not feel beautiful. You have a wonderful life, but you don't feel real. If there are still people who are suffering and happy for a moment, don't worry about it. You are actually the happiest person, and you are truly "living ".

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