Dream Break Code Read Note 03

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Dream Break Code Read notes

Time passed exceptionally fast, suddenly to the end of the semester, "Dream Broken Code" Reading is close to the conclusion, perhaps because of a variety of reasons the book is not enough detailed reading, I feel particularly pity. As a programmer, it is necessary to take a good look at this book, and to have a long experience and a good understanding of the great God's Awakening O (∩_∩) O.

Briefly talk about the content of the remaining chapters and the parts of interest. The Seventh detail view, the deepest impression is: the serious consequences of the wrong demand, the 18-foot boulder arches into 18-inch stone pegs. The eighth chapter of the Whiteboard on the instant paste, very admire the writing standards of the people, you have to use 5 years as a measure of the vision of the problem. It takes 5 years to get the things you really want to be useful. WebDAV is also mentioned here, as if the protocol was implemented in a Mac, but it is not complete in Windows. OmniFocus also supports WebDAV synchronization. The Nineth chapter of the method, in which IBM enforces the discipline of enforcing progress, is based on two principles: the plan is mandatory, the plan must be realistic----"bottom-up", based on the experience and knowledge of programmers who are responsible for executing the plan, rather than "top-down", relying on managers to shoot their heads or market expectations. The tenth engineer and artist, Gartner's book, "Computer Programming Art", when he received the Turing Award in 1984, said, "computer programming is the art of art." It took him ten years to write the art of computer programming, and it took nearly 10 years to write the Tex and Metafont program. He claims that writing software is "much harder" than writing a book. The 11th chapter leads to the dog Food Edition road, eats own dog food, this kind of train of thought really helps to improve the software quality and the user experience, think even oneself all disdain a use of the software with what to torture the user?

Through these chapters of the reading, the deepest feeling is the need to understand, the mind suddenly surfaced in the classroom teacher cite example, the customer is simply want a swing, the result due to the misunderstanding of the need to lead to the process and results have been biased, and finally certainly can not let customer satisfaction. Speaking of demand, in the previous programming experience, the demand is almost not mentioned, our hearts demand is the teacher's request, perhaps really to design a software project and our usual contact with the classroom work difference is here. Previously did not understand the requirements of the programming is not ideal, the design of the customer is the most want to understand the real needs of customers is a good start of a project, like we are now in the team project, to find the needs of customers we can begin to work. Demand is not to say that you can, to really integrate into the user's scene to experience the user's ideas, to make users satisfied. When it comes to user satisfaction, it's about user experience, which reminds me of another place in my book that touches me the most: eat your own dog food, to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of software, put yourself in the thinking, do not want to use the software to sell to impress others, the same reason, I think it is easy to use the software is more so a little confidence to let others also like.

Dream Break Code Read Note 03

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