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The book cited theorists as saying that the most efficient software team size should be one person, because this will not communicate. As the number of people increases, the complexity of dependencies, the difference between novice and veteran staff, the cost of communication increases with the geometric progression. Here's a prize-winning guess:

For each team member, he or she will not only complete the work at hand, but also report on their progress (via email or other form), answer other people's questions, and understand the progress of others. Everyone's time is limited, how can we ensure that after all the communication/communication, we can have time to complete the "work at hand"? In the Chandler project, fortunately, they don't have so many VP to report, these all take time! I see the team members also have to reply to the various problems of amateur lovers (such as asking why they do not use such a framework, etc.), of course, this transparency also satisfies a lot of people's curiosity, open source, the advantages of the community ... On the other hand, project managers find that they have no time to complete a large number of tasks.

The rest of the team is not a better place to go. In this case, is it time to continue to participate in various discussions, blogs, providing transparency, satisfying the public's curiosity, or concentrating on the "things at hand"? I did not see from the book What measures the seasoned managers took at this time. In fact, after the release of the product, there is no evidence that enthusiasts who have made a lot of comments on Irc,email,bbs may not actually download and use the software that you developed based on their opinions. So busy with the communication is why?!

In addition to external communication, there is internal communication, with the increase of one's experience, there will be a lot of other people to come to you, for big and small things to consult your opinion. However, you also have countless tasks to complete, how to do? Microsoft employees are not unfamiliar with this situation, they can close the door to work their own, knock not to accept, do not answer general email, not attend meetings and so on.

Dream Break Code Read Note 09

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